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The Four Fountains De- Stress Spa Review

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Very happy to inform to all my readers that I was invited for a one hour spa session from the, “The Four Fountains De - Stress spa” as a complimentary. I was surprised and pleased with their invite and booked an appointment in a weekend.  

The Four Fountains De- Stress Spa

They have their service in different cities in India and I was lucky to have their branch in Bangalore too. I choose the nearest location to attend the spa session in Bangalore.  Thefourfountainsspa includes both the de stress and beauty therapies. Here goes their official site thefourfountainsspa.

I opted for a facial massage, Lightening facial of one hour which claimed to result a skin glow.

Claims of Thefourfountainsspa, Lightening Facial:

Facials use a series of steps to gently exfoliate the skin on your face and massage it to give a glow. These steps are cleansing, toning, massaging, scrubbing, steaming, application of mask and finally moisturising. Lightening Facial contains the goodness of mulberry and saffron which are highly regarded for their skin lightening properties. Mulberry contains antioxidants and arbutin which prevents skin from darkening. Saffron is a popular traditional remedy for skin lightening.

The Four Fountains De- Stress Spa

My Experience With Thefourfountainsspa:

The hospitality and the kindness of the employees gave me pleasure and giving me an impression to visit again. Also the lady who assisted me was soft natured and friendly.  

The Four Fountains De- Stress Spa

The entire area within the spa centre was calm and silent. They played a silent music while the massaging process was done in an intention to release the mental anxiety.  

I have no words to talk about the hygiene and cleanliness I found there. Even if you search the corners you will not find a single pin drop of dust.  

The entire massaging procedure was carried on in a neatly arranged bed and dim lights along with their disposable dress given to every customer.  

Here are few pictures of the room where they conducted the massaging session.

The Four Fountains De- Stress Spa

The Four Fountains De- Stress Spa

The Four Fountains De- Stress Spa

Overall what I can conclude is, the main intention of all these arrangements including silence, music, cleanliness and resting chair was to reduce the tiredness and aches making you feel relaxed and youthful.

A shower room was provided too if necessary.

Results of Thefourfountainsspa, Lightening Facial:

All the products used for facial is natural with floral fragrance and prepared by the organisation.  These products are not available anywhere in the market.
I underwent the patch test before the beginning of facial therapy to avoid the skin complications. The test went all fine and so the facial continued. First was the cleanser, followed by scrubbing, steaming, toning, massaging and lastly the face pack.

The directions and the pressure points while massaging was well managed which gave me a relaxed touch. The facial sponges and the scrubbing brush used were clean and hygiene.

All the blackheads and the skin pores were clean and my skin resulted fair and glowing. Everything here is worth full and can be recommended.  It softened my skin too. This facial massage is directed to be repeated for once in 21 days for best results.

At the end when I was on my way to leave, I was given a pamphlet and a small massaging cream as a compliment. The pamphlet wrote about the importance of spa therapies and how the tiredness, mental tension and body aches can be reduced with these de stress spa therapies. Also the diet and exercise to be followed regularly.

The Four Fountains De- Stress Spa

Thank you Thefourfountainsspa for arranging such a wonderful complimentary session for me. I recommend all my readers to visit and undergo the spa therapy. You will even be provided with exciting discount offers and packages.

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