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Banana Pudding Recipe

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The fresh bananas grown in all seasons make wonderful filler for your fruit bowls. Along with it we can even make a combination of it with corn flakes or chapattis to our morning breakfast and also small children are usually served along with milk.

In south of Karnataka an very delicious pudding or pie called as rayasana is prepared from bananas. Read on for the recipe.

Banana Pudding Recipe

Ingredients Required:

5 to 6 medium sized banana
One bowl jaggery
One bowl coconut milk
A pinch of salt
Cardamom powder


Prepare thickened coconut milk by grinding 2 cups of grated coconuts  in a mixer jar.  The method of preparing coconut milk is here.

Banana Pudding Recipe

Peel off the banana skin and chop them to smaller pieces.

Banana Pudding Recipe

Take a clean wide mouthed vessel.  Add chopped banana,  jaggery and coconut milk. Stir them well using hands. While stirring try to smash the bananas as much as you can. This makes the pudding more thick and sweetened.

Add a pinch of salt or just a sprinkle of salt to add a flavour. Also add cardamom powder.

Banana Pudding Recipe

Banana Pudding is ready to be served.

Banana Pudding Recipe

This sweetened pudding is serves best with the combination of chapatti or puri. Something like an substitute for the basundi.
This pudding is most common in south of Karnataka famous as banana rayasana and prepared during festivals and ceremonies too.

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