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5 Best Homemade Face Mask Form Cilantro Leaves

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Glowing clear skin is every body’s dream. There are several ways to achieve. A little devotion towards the health of the skin is needed.

Natural skin care comes very handy in caring the skin. The daily skin routine with few of the homemade remedies is very helpful.

organic skin care with cilantro leaves

Cilantro is one of the kitchen ingredients. There are several homemade treatments which can be prepared from coriander leaves. These leaves are known for their unique aroma. They are used in both modern and traditional cuisines. Cilantro has antiseptic and healing properties.

Skin Care with Cilantro

If you have a doubt; why cilantro after all of the several ingredients?; then here is your answer.

  • Cilantro fights acnes, pimple and blackheads.
  • Since cilantro has antiseptic and antifungal properties, it heals all skin irritations and infections.
  • It contains all the nutrients and minerals needed for a healthy skin.
  • It is an excellent skin toner and absorbs excess oil from the skin.
  • Cilantro has anti-ageing benefits too, thus helps in preventing ageing signs of wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation.

5 Best Easy Homemade Skin Care Recipes from Cilantro Leaves

natural skin care cilantro

Cilantro and Gram Flour for Oily Skin:  Extract some cilantro juice and apply directly on face. This will help reduce the excess oil on the skin. Extremely oily skin can also add a spoon of gram flour to the cilantro juice and apply on face and neck as an oil absorbing face pack. Wash after half an hour.

Cilantro and Lemon Juice for Skin Lightening:  Lemon juice with its acidic properties and cilantro juice with its healing properties reduces the dark spots caused due to acnes. It also helps reduces the pigmentation in the skin.

Cilantro and Fuller’s Earth for Skin Tan:  Make a thick face pack by mixing fuller’s earth powder with cilantro leaves. Apply evenly on affected area. It speeds up the lightening of the tanned skin.

Cilantro and Cucumber Juice for Under Eye Dark Circles: Mix one spoon each of cilantro juice and cucumber juice. Apply a thin layer of this mixture around the eyes. Allow for 15 minutes and wash with water. Regular usage will solve the under eye dark circles unless it is hereditary factor.

Cilantro, Aloe Vera and Rice Flour for Glowing Skin: Blend few strands of cilantro leaves and aloe vera together to make a paste. Add sufficient rice flour to make a face pack. Rice flour removes black heads; cilantro reduces acnes and dark spots; while the aloe vera makes the skin clear and glowing.

Share more face pack recipes if you have been using for your skin care.

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