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Why Water During Pregnancy?

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Water is a life saving element existing in this earth. Almost all our body activities are organised by the fluid content.  It is a known fact that a normal human being stays healthy when he intakes lots of water in his diet. So as the same directs to a Pregnant Women, also since she carries another living from within, excess of water is required for both the lives.

Why Water during Pregnancy?

What is so important of Water in a Pregnant Lady?
  • Every activity including digestion and excretion, of both mother and the child occurs only with help of “water”.  Even the nutrition to your foetus passes through the umbilical cord through the fluid content.  
  • The foetal movement is easily carried on only if there is enough water content.  And if the foetus is still for long hours then it’s a serious issue and to be given the first priority.
    You should always notify the kicks and movements from your foetus. This is happens only if you are perfectly hydrated.
  • Throughout the pregnancy cycle, water is essential. But very much cautioned during last trimesters as the foetal growth rate is at the faster rate.
  • Intake of water prevents vomiting, headaches, excess sweat, heart burns, giddiness and the morning sickness which are commonly found.
  • Reduction in the water level may cause premature labour pains and delivery too.
  • Easy delivery carries on with sufficient amount of water level.
How much of Fluid (Water) required in a Pregnant Lady?
Usually the gynecologists or the family elders direct you to drink minimum of 8 glasses of water, i.e. 2 liters of water in a day. This is excluding the milk and other juices.

Take a 2 littered bottle filled with water, empty it till the end of your day. This is the best way to be followed to finish your “water routine”.
Do not drink lot of quantity at the same time, it will make you feel heavy and might throw up too.

Which other Fluids to be consumed?
  • Include fresh fruit juices in your diet. Try to consume only the home made drinks as they are in the purest form.
  • Tender waters are the best for keeping you cool, it also prevents vomiting. Regular intake might catch you cold, so try including at least thrice in a week.
  • 3 glasses of milk excluding the curds should be compulsory taken as calcium elements are required in more of quantity.
  • If you feel hatreds towards the water, include sweetened lemon juice as a substitute.
  • Caffeinated drinks should be avoided.  But mild tea can be taken.
  • Avoid soda and other soft drinks available in the market as they contain chemicals agents and preservatives.
This information provided is true and are the experienced words. I just want to convey to all the ladies who are carrying, that throughout your pregnancy cycle for every action of both mother and fetus “water” is mandatory. Also water is the solution for all most of sickness found in pregnant women. 

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