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4 Ways To Give Apple To Your Baby : Baby Food

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Apple is a first fruit which is given to your child. The fruit forms a complete nutrition along with fibrous ingredients supporting the healthy growth of the young ones. Once your baby is well settled to include the solids (6 months+), including apples in their diet becomes mandatory.
There are different ways to make your baby happy in eating apples. Read on further, these are all the Home made methods which I tried for my little one

4 Ways To Give Apple To Your Baby


Before I start, a caution to all parents, whenever you start anything new in your child’s diet,  have good concern in their appetite and do not include in more of quantity. Initially start with smaller amounts. If everything goes fine, you can continue else stop it and you can try in a month or later.

Boiled Apple puree:

This boiled Apple puree is mostly for the beginners without the teething.
When you start apple at the first, there are chances of constipation of any disorders in your baby. So the best is to boil and mash them in a mixer jar by adding milk or any food processor can be used for blending.
Boiling along with the skin is more nutritious, but remove the skin before blending as it might give a bitter taste. Add sugar if the apple is acidic or sour.

Apple Milk Puree:

This is another recipe for children without teething, especially the toddlers. Make a puree of the fruit by peeling and cutting them into cubes. Take a mixer jar and blend them into paste by adding half cup of milk. You can even add sugar to make the puree tasty.

Apple Milk Puree: Baby Food

This apple milk puree or apple shake is a whole some food with complete nutrition.  Instead of feeding the milk alone, feed this fruity milk at the evenings or at the brunch times.

Apple Dry fruits Puree:

Watching at your child’s appetite, you can start adding the dryfruits like dates, dried figs or any other of your child’s choice (almonds, raisins etc).

Apple Dry fruits Puree: Baby Food

Peel and chop the apples. Blend the sliced apples along with dry fruits and milk to form a clean paste. This has the best taste and a rich baby food. It tastes more like pie than just a puree.

Apple Dry fruits Puree: Baby Food

Remember do not add more of dry fruits at once as they might be heavy for the small digestive. Start with half dates or figs at the beginning. Keep a watch at your child’s motion and behaviour and increase the amount in a slower rate.

Sliced Apple:

Sliced apple : Baby Food

If your child is about 18 to 24 months and comfortable with chewing then the easiest way is to peel the outer cover and slice the apple.  Your child will enjoy juicing the apple with his little fingers.  Kids usually enjoy crunching things for long in their fingers. Instead providing them with cookies or chocolates, hand them with sliced apples.

I hope this article will be helpful to all new moms’ to feed their toddlersJ.

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