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Lush Jungle Solid Hair Conditioner Review

Most of the available hair conditioners are liquid kind of filled up in bottles, but the Lush Kitchen made Hair conditioner, is  a solid one.  This is more like a soap cake to look at than a conditioner. I have already mentioned it in the Lush collections here

Lush Jungle Solid Hair Conditione

Claims of Lush Jungle Solid Hair Conditioner :
Tame your mane with our solid fruity conditioner filled with an abundance of fresh fruit and conditioning cocoa butter. LUSH co-founder and inventor Helen Ambrosen was the first person to make a solid conditioner work. She discovered that cocoa butter will slide onto your hair to make it softer, and then dissolve in water to leave it smooth, shiny and de-tangled. Jungle feels rich and hydrating on the hair and leaves you with a fresh, fruity fragrance after washing it off.

My Experience with Lush Jungle Solid Hair Conditioner:

Package: Nothing to be told about its package. This is the speciality of Lush products; they are only wrapped in a paper cover highlighting their concern in “against animal testing”.

Appearance: A light green circular shape cake with smooth texture and has spring like designs at the front look. 

Lush Jungle Solid Hair Conditione

Fragrance: Mild Fruity fragrance.

How I used Lush Jungle Solid Hair Conditioner:

I shampooed my hair in a normal way in warm water. Rubbing in hands and then to hairs was time consuming, so I rubbed the cake to the full hair length. Rinsed it away with warm water which is an easy go.

Nature: when dipped in water for use, it gives a light smooth greasy liquid. When applied to wet hair, you feel the moisturised effect. Hair retains softens and shiny even after drying. It does not make your hair hay like and the tangles could be loosened easily.

Lush Jungle Solid Hair Conditione

It is mild conditioner and suits mostly for oily, normal or thin hairs. There might be difficulty in finding good results for bushy and very dry hairs.

The major drawback to be mentioned is, these products by nature itself melt at a faster rate as they are handmade, that too for the Indian climate the melting rate is still more faster. The entire cake vanishes in half of the time.  Also storing is a great mess, I use a dry soap case for its storage.

Lush Jungle Solid Hair Conditione

Results: I have a lengthy wavy hair which resulted to be soft and shiny even after two days of wash. 

Recommendation:  If you have a bushy curl rough hairs, please try some other Lush conditioners before switching to this, else this is a best choice for light hairs.

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