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5 Creative Birthday Party Celebration Ideas For Your Baby

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Celebrating your baby’s first birthday is similar to you celebrating the survival of being a parent for 12 months! Celebrating the first birthday requires a lot of detailed planning till the last minute of the party. It is crucial to plan the party late morning or late afternoon when your own baby and the guest babies aren’t sleepy. Make sure you have at least two other people with you to host the party. And invite only those babies who are in your baby’s playgroup to avoid him getting overwhelmed by the sudden crowd and unfamiliar faces. 

With all of these points in mind, the next item in the agenda is the theme of the party. Theme is important to signify the importance of the 1st birthday of your baby. Plus it will make great pictures! So here are five themes from which you can choose which one you want for your special one.

Your Baby’s Favorite Cartoon Character:

favorite cartoon character

Your baby will have a favorite toy or a favorite cartoon. Why not make a theme based on that? Kids and babies alike have taken a huge liking for ‘Chhota Bheem’, so make a theme based on that cartoon character with decorations and balloons with his face and the other characters in the show. You can even have a cake in his shape. How about making a personalized poster of him wishing the baby? There are plates, napkins, party hats etc with this very theme.

Prince or Princess Theme:

prince princess theme birthday

How about a royal theme? Your baby can be the queen or king, and the other babies can be the princes and princesses. You can get lots of cheap crowns and tiaras for the babies to wear and you can make a little robe for the birthday boy/girl from any red cloth that you have in your house. You can have a crown shaped cake. Party decorations can have lots of crowns, tiaras and anything that has to do with royalty. You can even ask the moms to get their babies dressed in costumes!

A Circus Theme

circus theme birthday party

A circus theme is also fun! Get clown hats, red noses, balls and if you have a dog, put a ruffle around him and make him the circus dog. You can have the dad/any male relative dress up as a clown. Clown faced cake is a good idea.

Creative Arts and Craft Theme

art craft birthday theme

An art and crafts theme is also great because in this the babies will have things to do! You can get some model planes or ships or just sheets of paper with some basic drawings in them and the babies can, with the help of their moms, dip their fingers in it and make their own creations and they can take it home with the party favours.

Animal  Party theme

animal birthday party theme

Animal theme parties are cute! If you are artistic or you know anyone who is, then they can use some skin friendly paint and draw some animal whiskers and spots and stripes on the babies’ faces. They will enjoy it! An animal shaped cake is cute and decorations can have animals holding balloon                                       
Planning a little can ease the part of organizing as anything can be anticipated since babies and children are involved. Getting the supplies for the event will ease out half of the tension. Nowadays you can even buy these birthday supplies online at dealstan.com which gives you more time to plan than run around at the last minute. Be prepared and give your little prince/princess a day she will cherish even after years.

Guest Post By Necin Lazar
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