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7 Best Udupi Rasam & Sambar Recipes

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The North Indian and the south Indian cuisine is a total differ. In north we find roti/chapatti as the staple and in south of India it is mostly rice. Again state wise, region wise and religion wise there are so many different cooking styles and recipes in our country. When it comes to south of India the udupi and the Mangalore cuisine is unique. You can find udupi restaurants all over south India especially in regions of Karnataka.

Home made Rasam Powder

The cooking style is a mixture of tamarind and jaggerry with spices along with coconut grates. The basic form of udupi recipes are in the purest form without the addition of onion and garlic’s. Also the locals have their own way of preparing the sambar powder. The sweetened sambar/rasam can be combined with rice, chapatti or puri.  Here are few sambar/rasam in Udupi style where you will not stop licking your fingers.

Half-Ripe Jackfruit Sambar Recipe

You will not find this recipe in any part of the country. Yes, its true an delicious sweetened sambar from half ripened jack fruit.  The fruit which mainly eaten alone or prepared as sweets else where can be cooked to a sambar.

jackfruit sambar

Again the seeds of jackfruit with the combination of any vegetables mainly the Mangalore cucumber is prepared as a sambhar. A different variety and taste the sambar has.


The bread fruit mostly grown in south of karnataka is cooked into sambars. The fruit being soft cooks quickly. Pakodas and chips prepared from bread fruit are very famous during the season.

South Indian Bread Fruit Sambar

This is one that anyone would not like to stop eating. The tangy sweetened recipe is also prepared with ripe mangoes. 


The boiled horse gram rasam which is most nutritious. This can be even drunk alone as an energetic drink.

Horse Gram Soup+curry recipes

The easy green gram rasam which is perfect for kids and a quick rasam when you are in a hurry.

Green Gram Rasam Recipe+soup with beans

This is dal mixed with beans and the udupi rasam powder used while boiling. The same procedure can be followed and cooked with any other vegetables. This uses less of spices and no coconut grates.

Udupi Traditional Beans Sambar+indian curry

Enjoy the taste of these tangy sweetened sambars.

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