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How To Keep Your Baby Warm All Winter

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The cold chilled atmosphere of winters encourage cold within your baby’s body too. Cold, fever and flu and other interconnected infections are the challenges to be faced with the winter season. This is a toughest job for parents to maintain warmth both at home and while outside babies.

Honey and Pepper

You can minimize the outings but you and your child cannot be locked within.

Here are few winter care tips to keep your baby warm.

Feeding Hot water:

Feeding Hot water

Make a practice of feeding warm water to your child. The best way is to fill hot water in a thermos flask and use it when your child requires feeding.  This not only keeps your baby warm it also helps the easy flow of motion.

Quick bath or Sponge Bath:

Winter warm bath is very enjoyable for your baby. You can find the increased sleeping hours after bath in winters. But watering your child while bath matters a lot. Do not pour buckets of water while shower, be quick in cleaning your baby and wrap him/her soon.

Do not allow wind to pass which makes your baby shiver. At very cool temperatures sponge bath is a good option. You can even dip a soft cloth in hot water and rub your child’s body and face.

Feeding hot meals or drinks:

As per meals and any drinks like milk or fruit juices, serve always hot.  Avoid curds at night and fruits like banana or watermelon which encourages cold and cough.

Feeding Home Remedies for Cough and Cold once a day:

Home remedies for cough and Cold in Children

Feed homemade medicine for cough and cold at night time regularly till the end of winters. This is an excellent medicine for keeping your kid warm and prevents the viral attack. 

Honey and Pepper:

Honey and Pepper

For children above 3 years of age, feed a spoon full honey and pepper before bed time. You can make a practice of feeding the homemade medicineand honey with pepper alternate days. Just half spoon of pepper mixed with one spoon of honey is sufficient to prevent cold and keep body warm.
You can even go for the Dabur Honitus which is filled with ginger and honey.

Warm and cosy during night:

Keep your home warm especially at nights. Shut the doors and windows to stop the cold air filling within and create a cosy environment.

avoiding mosquito bites for babies

Burning camphor at evenings is an excellent option. It kills all the bacteria and germs purifying the air. It fills complete warmness within your house and your baby will have a sound sleep with warm within. If you maintain a perfect warm temperatures at night, your baby will enjoy the sleeping hours.

Wrap your child:

Keeping your child’s room warm and wrapping them is interconnected. When both are equally balanced you and your child will notice the positive effect in the quality of sleep. Make a rule for yourself on wrapping your child in winters. None of the baby’s will cooperate with you while wrapping, you have to divert their minds and make wrapping an enjoyable work both for you and your child. Two to three layers of clothing is necessary . Sweaters, caps, rompers, socks are some of the wrapping clothes.

Netted Baby bed

If your baby is still a cradle baby then cover a mosquito net at nights. This not only repels mosquitoes but also keeps your baby warm. And for a slightly elder baby, who sleeps at bed, wrap him completely with covered clothes and socks as they never use blankets. Also netted baby beds are available for the cosy sleep. 

Avoid outings:

Since your baby is too young, minimise your outings as cool atmosphere and blowing air cannot be resisted by your child. Especially when the air enters their tiny ears, you are encouraging fever and cold in them. But that does not mean to lock your child in a bed room with covered blankets. Whenever you feel he wants to be taken a ride, wrap him closely and keep safe. Even on a stroller, covering completely is mandatory.

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