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9 Winter Skin Care Tips

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It is time to welcome the winters but would you like to welcome the dry skin too? Winters are really pleasant and fun sipping hot coffees and spicy snacks except your skin requires extra attention. At the beginning of winters your skin appears fair and blushes like pink. But in later day’s fair skin turns to flake and itch, while the blush like cheeks appear to be burnt.  Pour down any amount of body lotions, winter creams, moisturisers, and homemade face packs they repair for only few hours. Not just little, quite lot attention is necessary for skin during winters. Here are few

A drop of oil to Hot water shower

Is there anything wonderful other than hot steamy bath during winters? I am sure everyone wakes up dreaming for it. But the true fact is hot water bath is the major concern for drying skin as the heat removes all the natural oils of skin making dry and flakes. But you cannot skip the hot water shower. Neither warm nor cold water can be chosen.  

coconut oil i

There is an easy way to work this out, just add 1 or 2 drops coconut oil to your steaming hot water. Use this water for your shower; your skin never gets dried. You may smell of coconut oil for sometime but the odour is not bad and vanishes soon.  Do the same for your baby bath to avoid dryness of your baby’s skin.

Moisturise Before Face Wash

Even though you use a mild face wash or soap skin dry off after every wash. Instead of applying moisturiser after face wash, do the reverse.  Apply any moisturiser or body butters to your face and massage for 5 to 10 minutes. Apply the cream thicker while massaging. Now wash out with water alone or any mild soap. This does not make your skin dry. 


Have patience and follow massaging before every face wash to avoid drying. You can even wash out without soaping and pat to dry.

A drop of oil to face packs:

Whichever face packs you apply to your winter care make a habit of adding a drop of your favorite oil (coconut, almond, baby oil or olive oil) to the face mask. This does not dry away all the oil from the skin. Especially for the gram flour and the fillers earth based face packs.


It is true scrubbing creates an exfoliate action in your skin opening up pores and removing dead cells. But mind it, scrubbing also removes all oil making drier and also blocks lipid formation. However mild and small the granules are, the scrub story remains to be the same.  But as the skin forms scaly scrubbing is necessary in winters. Use only homemade scrubs like honey scrub; almond scrub and banana scrubs are more efficient as they retain oil than the market scrubs.


benefits of drinking water

A known fact that drinking water is always good for health and skin both in harsh winters as well as hot sunny.  Hydration with tender waters and other fruit juices may cause cough and cold. So water is a better choice.

Cold milk:

Make a habit of applying cold milk or cold cheese to your skin before shower. Dip a cotton ball to chilled milk and rub it to your face neck and hands. Rinse it away with water. Your skin maintains to be conditioned and nourished. You can also do the same with coconut milk.

Minimise the usage of soaps:

Do not simply rub your skin with soaps or any showering products. Make minimum usage once or twice the day, rest all when you need a face wash simply splash water and pat dry.

Avoid Beauty Products:

Heavy beauty products like make ups and contacts should be avoided as they root out the oil from skin. When necessary use a winter cream as a base before you start to reduce the chances of drying.

Rubbing natural ingredients:


Make a practise of simply applying or rubbing your face with nature ingredients like aloe gel, yogurt, buttermilk, honey and many more till the end of winters.  You need not prepare DIY or face packs always, rub any of the ingredients from your kitchen or garden in its raw state. They make your skin hydrated and nourished removing the dry dead cells.

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