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Top 13 Tips For Long Healthy Hair

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What is your idea about being “beautiful”? Dressing up with modern outfits and using expensive beauty cosmetics, is it? Outfits and beauty products are just to decorate you. They cannot change your look in origin.

Healthy hair and skin are the only ones which keeps you beautiful at all ages.

This post is related to healthy hair, so let us narrow ourselves only to hair now.

Right from decades ago it may be in movies or any cartoons, to describe someone who is beautiful is always with a long shiny hair in different hair styles. But long hair is a big question mark for us :(.

easy hair care tips

How to keep them healthy and maintain?

Here are few simple tips for lengthy and healthy hair.

Brushing Wet Hair

Many have a habit of combing wet hair as it helps loosening tangles. This is the major factor for hair breakage. Wet hairs are too delicate and brushing them damages the hair roots.

Do not even tie up or plait your wet hair. This also cuts the hair strands and tying wet hair is the birth place for lice.

Hot Oil Hair Massage

Hot oil massages usually relaxes and calms down your senses. Massaging should be carried on smoothly with finger tips. Harsh massages breaks down hair making them tangled and damaged.

Drying your Wet Hair

Do not rub your hair vigorously with a towel. Take a smooth towel for drying and squeeze or pat gently without harming the hair and roots.

Avoid Driers, Curlers, Straightening

Do not use hair driers for drying your hair. This makes your hair scalp dry and hair. Curling and straightening your hair requires lot of heat related equipments. Avoid making such artificial hair styles.

tips for shiny hair

Use all the hair styling tools only during unavoidable conditions.

Avoid Hot Water for Shower

Hot water is one of the reasons for hair falls and hair thinning.  Always use cold or warm water for hair shower. Also when you shower, make sure you are not cleaning your hair with high pressure on it.

Wrong Hair Style

Do not tie a tight plait or a tight bun which breaks the hair. You may also experience headaches with the tight tying or hair pulled back style.

Tight Hair Bun

Bed Time Hair Style

Do not tie a perfect plait while going to bed. It does not give you a relaxed feeling. Also your hair should remain open for at least during your rest hours. Long hairs may get tangled when kept open, so make a practice of loose plait without tying a bow.

No to Loose Open Hair on Windy Day/Bike Rides

Do not let open your hair while bike rides or when you are at a place of heavy wind. This makes your hair unmanageable with heavy knots and tangles which ultimately leads to hair breakage.

tips for long healthy hair

Oiling Hair Overnight

Make a habit of oiling your hair overnight before the next morning shower. This is the best hair nutrition as the oil remains for long hours. This improves hair growth and volume. Oiling your hair just 10 minutes before your shower gives very low results.

Homemade Hair Packs

hair loss treatment+hair mask

Make a routine of applying homemade hair packs which is the best treatment. Hair masks prepared at home are free from artificial ingredients. Natural hair packs moisturizes the hair and keeps them soft tackling against all the hair imperfections.

Oiling before Hair Wash

It is mandatory process to oil your hair before you shampoo. Never use any hair cleansing products without oiling your hair. This will act too harsh to your hair which wipes all the retained softness and hydration in your hair.

Keep your Hair Clean

Follow hair shower at least thrice in a week which removes dirt and sweat and maintaining the concept of hygiene. Clean dust free hair improves hair growth and making them healthy.  Do not give a space for dandruff and scaly scalp which makes your hair dry and frizzy.

Healthy Diet and Hydration

Healthy Diet


Maintain a healthy diet which includes fruits and leafy vegetables, milk and yogurt. Hydrate yourself with water and tender water or fresh juices. The food that you intake is directly proportional to healthy hair and skin.

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