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Happy Halloween Weekend !

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Halloween is celebrated is many countries around the world. This day is to remember the dead, also the saints and the martyrs.

People come out in their scariest costumes and party together. The celebration sees lot of activities like trick-or-treat, pumpkin carvings, watching horror movies, telling ghost stories, attending costumes parties, bonfires, and many more.

Happy Halloween celebrations 2014

Carving pumpkins into Jack-o’-lanterns is the major symbol of Halloween. There are stories that Jack-o’-lanterns represents a spirit who was denied entry to both hell and heaven.

Halloween is celebrated on 31 October every year, on eve of the day before feast of All Saint’s Day.
In recent times, it is a fun day for kids who dress up as ghosts or little witches. They go from house to house knocking at each door shouting ‘trick-or-treat’ holding their baskets. People give them candies.
Collecting as many as candies is what kids do on this day.

Happy Halloween 2014

Halloween in India?

Indians travel all around the globe for studies, work or on any other matter. They bring home all things they find interesting. And so is Halloween.

There is no spiritual sense to the celebration of Halloween in India. But it is just an excuse to dress up and have fun with friends and party.

There are several restaurants who arrange for exclusive Halloween Dinner buffet. Many have themed menu especially for the day.

On a general note, this day is to enjoy and have fun.

Bollywood remembers the Halloween bash thrown by Hrithik Roshan. The ugly costumes of Arjun Rampal and the Prince Charming Fardeen Khan shows how excited Indians are on the Halloween night.

So, Happy Halloween!
And have a happy Halloween weekend.

Did you celebrate? Have you dressed up on the occasion of Halloween?

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