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Ideas On How To Dress For Indian Festivals

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Festivals in India are the time when all ethnic and traditional wears are put to use extensively.
Lehengas, ghagra, chaniya-choli, sarees or suits are the ones that are worn by women. The traditional Indian outfits add to the excitement in the celebration of the festival.

Sarees are the best choice for all types of special occasions. There are variety of designs available; the old traditional designs and combinations; all look perfect for the festive season.

With Navratri just gone, we are looking forward to Deepavali (Please don’t say Diwali. It is Deepavali.)

Silk Sarees

Silk has the beauty and the elegance with which it is carried is always a moment to watch. What more can be a best occasion to wear a beautiful silk sari. The festival season always calls for buying new sarees and wearing too.

Kanjeevaram silk sarees

Designer/Fancy Sarees

Girls of latest generation usually complain of difficulty in wearing silk saris as they do not drape around easily. So, as an alternative to silk, girls who are very particular about saris choose to wear fancy/embellished/embroidered sarees.

These kind of sarees are easy to handle and drape compared to silk ones. Both have a varied kind of their own beauty.


Lehengas are also traditionally Indian outfits. The perfectly designed choli along with the lehenga gives the lady a very dignified figure and poise.

lehenga choli indian outfit

Slawar Suits or Anarkali Suits

Salwar suits are the easiest outfits to be carried. Mostly girls when they are confused about their choice of outfit, finally settle themselves down with the best salwar kameez pair.

salwar suits ethnic wear

Anarkali is one of the oldest fashion India has seen. The anarkali style is revamped and is the hot trend of current time.

Ideas on how to dress your girl child:

Kids look adorable in all varieties of clothes. To give a traditional touch, there are so many ready wear outfits available in showrooms and online stores too.

The stitched sarees, stitched half sarees, lehengas for kids all are a must try for young girls.

Gujarati Lehenga

The gujarati work on the cotton fabric is very unique and is no match to any other design. The skill and the talent involved great.

girl wearing gujarati lehenga

Silk Pattu Langa

This is the traditional style in southern parts of India. The long skirt and blouse is stitched from a silk cloth. The gold jewellery combined along with this silk attire is a great way to dress up for the Indian festival.

baby girl traditional dress

silk blouse and long skirt

Embellished Lehenga Choli

Kids have their share of designer ghagra choli, chaniya choli or lehenga choli with dupatta. The cuteness that gets gathered around them is beyond words.

silk lehenga indian style

indian girl wearing lehenga

How did you dress up this Navratri festival? And how are you planning to dress up for Deepavali?

What did you buy Navratri? What are you planning to buy this Deepavali?

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