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Glimpses of Diwali Celebrations

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The most awaited festival of the year; festival lights – Diwali is gone. The celebration of this festival demands lot of preparations. At least a fortnight prior to the festival.

Diwali brings in the idea of oil massage early in the morning and hot water bath, new clothes, sweets and delicacies, gifts, crackers, Dhana-Lakshmi Puja, Govu (Cow) Puja, Balindra Puja, Tulasi Puja, gold, silk, decorative diyas, decorative lightings around the house, rangoli designs and many more traditions associated.

Last week saw the festive celebration with great pomp. Though the festival is gone, the festive mood is still not gone. 

diwai phuljari crackers

To hold back the memories of the celebration, some moments have been captured.

Sharing with you all few glimpses of diwali celebrations that took place last week.

Diwali Sweets – Our kitchen had aroma of Kesari bath, Sabudana & Bengal Gram Payasa, Navaratna Burfi.

There was more, Kerala banana halwa, banana chips, mung dal pudding, baby corn pakoda, sabudana milk pie, moti choor laddu, kaju burfi; all of which I missed to capture.

diwali delicacies

diwali sweets

Dhana Lakshmi Pooja – Worshipping Lakshmi; goddess of wealth.

dhana lakshmi pooja diwali puja

Money and gold together represent Goddess Lakshmi and is thus worshipped on the eve of the second day of Diwali. Panchakajjaya (prasad prepared at home), fruits, coconuts, payasa are offered while performing pooja.

deepawali aarthi

The pooja aarthi is made from lamps lit on silver diyas.

Crackers and fire works on the occasion of Diwali

diwai phuljari crackers

diwali flower pots

Deepawali is incomplete without fire works and other fire bursting items

Diwali Diyas

feastival of lights
Traditional Earthern Diya
decoartive diyas diwali
Decorative Colorful Wax Diya
diwali colorful diyas

Diwali Stone Rangoli & Mould Rangoli Decorations

diwali decorations

ready sticking rangoli

diwali rangoli decoration

Decorative lamps, lightings and simple decor ideas

goodu deepa deepawali

diwali light bubbles
Light Bubbles of the diwali wall lightings
diwali decor idea

Some gold and diamond on this festive occasion.

No festival is complete without gold in India. Some plan for heavy gold jewellery purchase, some go for a light weight gold coin purchase. Gold and silver purchases are done in every house. 

The showrooms also put up many tempting offers during this time and encourage buyers to celebrate diwali with the shopping.

diwali gold purchase

Another addition to the personal gold collection. The pendant is a beautiful piece with Goddess Lakshmi at the center. The Goddess Lakshmi Pendant is hung from the traditional design wrinkled gold balls chain.

diwali diamond purchase

A single diamond stone ring set on 22k gold. More details of these jeweleries some other time. 

New clothes

New clothing on the occasion of Deepavali is a tradition that has come from ages. Not just buying for you, gifting clothes is also observed amongst family members.

new clothes for diwali

diwali saree shopping

These are art silk sarees which I bough to gift both my mother (mother and mother-in-law). Shopped at Mysore.

This seemed to be a good comeback after week long celebration and sweet

How was your diwali celebration? Do share and spread the happiness.

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