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TRESemme Spilt Remedy Shampoo Review

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Here is the Review on TRESemme Spilt Remedy Shampoo.

TRESemme Spilt Remedy Shampoo

TRESemme Spilt Remedy Shampoo

Price: Rs 170 for 215ml

TRESemme Spilt Remedy Shampoo


TRESemme Spilt Remedy Shampoo

My Experience With TRESemme Spilt remedy Shampoo:

Package: A black fibrous sturdy bottle with a press down cap. The cap is screw round too. I like this kind of options in the cap as whenever the product is in the verge to empty screwing open becomes easy for the shampoos flow.  The press down cap has a opening which allows the controlled flow of the product and avoids the leakage.

TRESemme Spilt Remedy Shampoo

Nature: The shampoo has a shiny white appearance with thick consistency. A droplet is enough for the entire shower. It lathers excellent even in hard waters and the rinsing is not tough too. I usually give an oil massage to my hair overnight and shower the next morning.  The shampoo lathered so heavily that all the oil and dirt were wiped away in just first wash.

This shampoo is quite heavy if you use it on hair without applying oil or even for the dry hair. Giving an oil massage before using TRESemme Spilt remedy Shampoo is mandatory, which else will worsen your hair resulting in heavy tangles.  This must be because the ingredients list of too many chemicals. The hair texture loses down even if you apply more quantity of shampoo.

TRESemme Spilt Remedy Shampoo

The product claims to reduce split ends in just 3 washes. I did not find any good results  in reducing split ends, but yes it softened my hair and even the hair ends. The split ends too are softened and manageable.

This product is a strong one; I feel it suits well on sweaty or sticky oily hair.
It is my own experience, for any hair problems like split ends or hair falls, homemade hair masks are always the best.

Fragrance: A bubble gum sought of smell which lingers in every strand your hair till the dawn.

Pros of TRESemme Spilt remedy Shampoo:
  • Sturdy package
  • Press down cap which controls the shampoos flow.
  • Softens both hair and split ends.
  • Lathers very well.
  • Economical price tag.
  • The bottle is heavy and comes for long days. A small amount is sufficient for the shower.
  • Fragrance stays for long.
Cons of TRESemme Spilt remedy Shampoo:
  • Does not reduce split ends, only softens.
  • Applying more quantity of product worsens hair.
  • Harsh product on dry and normal hairs.
Rating: 2.5/5

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