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Bought My First Platinum Ring With Diamonds

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My resolution for the year 2014 had something to do with diamonds. See my resolution list here.

I had zeroed on few of the designs from caratlane.com. Watch here. I still adore them. But they keep launching new designs very often; and as a matter of fact we women tend to change our decision every now and then.

And then while I was busy killing time on zeroing on my designer ring, Mr.Husband ordered his choice of ring for me. And luckily, the size turned out to be perfect.

platinum ring with diamonds

My first ever platinum jewellery.

The ring has a stream of diamonds which has been set from this corner to that. (I am explaining like a mad woman.) You can have a look at the pictures for details of the design.

diamonds set in platinum - finger ring

I must admire the finish of the jewel.

Where to buy Platinum ring?

You can go to any of the gold jewellery show room in your city. All prominent jewellery showrooms have a section of platinum jewellery.

My ring was bought online at suransjewelove.com. Yes online shopping of real jeweleries.

designer diamond rings

wedding ring platinum with diamond

(I did not know about this purchase. I got to know only when this was delivered to me. I was taken by purchase when such heavily secured item was delivered to me.)

What is the cost of Platinum ring?

This piece costed about Rs.45000. Don’t actually remember the exact figure. It did come with the certificate of more details of the ring.

designer ring platinum with diamonds

Why buy at Suranas Jewelove

I don’t know. My hubby liked the designs there I think. Else why would he order, pay and get it delivered to our address?

I liked this design. No doubt in that. I took never ending time to conclude a design. Men can sense this serious problem in women and they choose something they feel is good enough. :-P

platinum engagement ring

diamond platinum engagement ring

About Suranas Jewelove

suransjewelove.com; for more details and their designs of jewellery.

They are a high-end jewellery retailer based in Jaipur. They specialize in Kundan Meena Jewellery collections with uncut diamonds and gemstones set in.

We had a straight forward business deal with them. Mess-free transactions and delivery.

We might get back to them for more shopping of jeweleries.

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Meghana Acharya said...

that's such a pretty ring, I'm yet to have one :(

Meghana Acharya said...

aahhh that so pretty.. :) Diamonds+platinum makes women go weak. I am yet to own one

Meghana Acharya said...

Congratss Girl..

Meghana Acharya said...

My fiancé and I want platinum rings for our wedding :-)

Meghana Acharya said...

Wow looking super cuteee

Meghana Acharya said...

OMG this is so amazing, I just loved the ring :)

Meghana Acharya said...

Wow this is such a pretty n classy ring <3

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