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Health and Beauty Benefits of Tender Coconut Water

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Tender coconuts grown widely in our country are the nature’s wonderful gift.  We are so lucky to find this drink easily available in all seasons in an economic price in every streets of our nation.

That too in the southern regions especially in Karnataka and Kerala you can find the tender coconut plantations in every gardens of house. It is also a tradition in our country to use tender coconuts in all the festivals and family gatherings.

The natural tender water is the excellent replacement for all other drinks like sodas and caffeine’s. This is the best hydration which you can provide for your body during hot summers. This coolant when consumed regularly prevents all the body imbalances produced from the hot temperatures. It can be consumed by the people of all ages.

Health and Beauty Benefits from Tender Coconut Water

Drinking tender water has both health and beauty benefits. Apart from drinking you can even apply them to your skin and hair.

Health Benefits of Tender Water

  • Tender water is an energetic drink which boosts resistive power in the immune system.  
  • The water helps to clean the bowels and removes out the toxic contents. 
  • Regular drinking of tender coconut water does not invite any digestive related problems like acidity, gastric kidney stones and the urinary infections. 
  • It also provides relief from digestive problems like vomiting and constipations. 
  • It is fat free water which helps to strengthen the heart muscles and lower the blood pressure level. 
  • It can also be given to babies with the limited quantity. Consult your pediatrician.
  • Tender water relieves the skin burns in small children due to chicken pox or any other skin infections. You can even apply the cool water to summer boils on the baby skin rashes. 

Health and Beauty Benefits from Tender Coconut Water

Tender water should be listed in the mandatory fluids in case of a pregnant lady throughout her pregnancy cycle. It keeps her well hydrated reducing headaches, morning sickness and the nausea  sensation.  It prevents all the uterus and urinary infections and eases the delivery.

 Benefits of Tender Coconut water for Skin

  • Intake of tender coconut water keeps your skin glowing, hydrated and moisturized in all seasons. Also helps in maintaining a slim fit body.
  • It does not make your skin oily or greasy. Applying this water to your face regularly reduces sun tan and blemishes.
  • Coconut water when applied to your skin removes all the scaly dry skin making them soft and supple. This is the best skin toner providing excellent nourishment.
  • The soft coconut part within the tender water also has the same beauty secrets as the tender water.
  • It helps in reducing any burns and marks relating to fire or acne rejuvenating and lightening skin.
  • It delays the aging of skin and reduces skin pigmentation usually found during menopause.
  • You can even use this water as a base in any homemade face packs. 

Health and Beauty Benefits from Tender Coconut Water

Benefits of Tender Coconut water for Hair

  • Consumption of tender water improves hair growth, reduces hair fall and split ends.
  • Apply tender water to the entire hair scalp using a cotton ball or a tissue and leave it for half an hour.  Wash out with warm water without using any cleansers. This reduces dandruff and provides relaxation from itchy scalp.
    It is the medicine for any scalp related fungal infections for both elders and children.
  • Applying tender water to hair and scalp smooths hair and avoids the tangles. Especially in dry seasons where your hair becomes unmanageable, pressing your hair with tender water makes it hydrated and healthy growing.
  • Like the face packs, you can use this water to any of the hair packs too. The result will be much better than expected.
Here is the point to be noted, please discard the used tender coconuts immediately after use. This is because if the rain water gets collected in the empty tender coconuts it becomes the birth place for disease causing mosquitoes.
I hope you liked the short information provided about this magical tender water.

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