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10 Easy Deepawali/Festive Sweet Ideas

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Diwali, the festival of lights is always celebrated with delicacies. Variety of sweets are prepared just to share with friends and family. It is an occasion we all keep looking forward to every year.

Here is a list of ideas of sweets you can prepare all by yourself at home. Easy recipes to try.

Gulab Jamun


Gulab Jamun are the favourite and very popular though out India. The deep fried jamun balls in pure ghee, dipped in thick sugar syrup and elaichi sprinkled all over is a wonderful treat to the tongue. Gulab Jamun and Diwali are closely linked.

Suji Laddu


Laddus are a part of every festival occasion. Suji fried mildly in pure ghee and made into laddus with warm milk gives a wonderful aroma and wanting for more taste.

Rice Kheer

rice kheer recipe

Kheers made in thickened milk is yummy and the sweet offerings to family friends does not stop with just one bowl

Vermicelli Kheer

vermicelli kheer recipe

Vermicelli is an easy filling item for many of the Indian sweets. Fry vermicelli in ghee until golden brown and add into boiling milk with some sugar, elaichi powder, and ghee fried dry fruits. This is quick and easy to prepare.

Sabudana Payasa


Payasa is basically sout Indian dessert made of jiggery syrup. Sabudana and Bengal gram makes and excellent combination to make the yummiest payasa ever.

Sugar coated cashew


Coating fresh whole cashews with sugar is another delicacy of our tradition. This can be prepared and stored for long in an air tight container.

Easy to prepare. And the best part is this can be prepared a little earlier than the actual day of the occasion and stored without any difficulty.

Karjoora Payasa


Date syrup is a great taste to be added with many items. This dessert is simple and easy. Boil chopped pieces of dates in jiggery syrup and add dry fried rice, poppyseeds, dryfruit and grated coconut. The blend of taste is very great and smells wonderful.

Carrot Halwa


Carrot halwa is yet another popular sweet in India. This is suitable for all occasions.

Beetroot Halwa


Beetroot halwa is not known to all. But the taste it brings out, makes it the king of all the desserts you have ever tried.

Kushmanda Halwa


This is a traditional recipe. Kushmanda halwa is made from ash gourd. It is easy to prepare, but consumes time and tests your patience. Since ash gourd oozes all the water contents in it, you will have to cook the grated gourd on low flame until all the water evaporates. The stickiness of the sugar syrup is a must to make this halwa perfect.

Semolina/Suji Halwa

semolina halwa

Suji is a prime ingredient in Indian kitchen. Suji, ghee and sugar all in perfect ratio when combined makes a wonderful delicacy. Garnishing with mildly roated cashew is an added taste to this recipe. 

This can be prepared in no time, hence easy and quick recipe suitable for the list of homemade diwali sweets.

What are you planning to prepare and share for this Diwali? Do share your recipes.

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