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Rice-Milk Pie, to mark the beginning of Happiest Ladies

Sweet on the occasion of happy beginning of Happiest Ladies… :-).
Last evening I made rice and milk pie. Very easy-peasy procedure.

You will need daily eating rice, milk, sugar, few pods of elaichi, cashew pieces, raisins, finely chopped almond pieces, and some water to cook the rice.
Do the following, 
  1.  In a thick vessel, heat water.
  2. When the water begins to boil, lower the flame and add rice.
  3. When the rice is half boiled, remove the vessel from flame and drain the water. (Never mind if some water remains in the vessel. Drain the major chunk of the water.)
  4. Now add milk to the half boiled rice and boil further.
  5. To this, add sugar (according to your taste), raisins, elaichi, cashew and almond pieces.
  6. Continue boiling until the rice is baked completely.
  7. If you feel the mixture is getting thick, add some more milk or water.

There you are with the amazing milk-rice sweet. The prolonged boiling of milk at low flame gives a great aroma and taste to the entire sweet pie.
Hope this was helpful…. . Happy eating……..!!!!!!!!

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