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Home Remedies for Baby Colic

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Colic is a kind of abdominal pain usually found in babies. They tend to cry continuously for long time as they have no way to explain what’s going in their tummy. Parents get panic at the baby's cry and search out reason for the cry.  Our first list for the baby’s cry is ant or the mosquito bites in the cradle. Later we reach till hunger, thirsty, urinating, diaper rashes and so on. When none of these are the reasons last is the baby colic.

Home remedies for Baby Colic

Small babies at the starting months when they are mostly breast fed are more prone to be colicky. This is common problem in small ones and has no effects over the child growth. It reduces by itself within the dawn, but there are chances your baby may avoid the food or consume less because of the irritating pain.

The reason for colic passed on from our grandmothers is because of milk. As the baby food is just breast milk or any milk formulas at the earlier months, it causes gas leading to abdominal pain. That is why your baby passes out more of gas when they are colicky. Do not worry when he/she lets out gas, it actually reduces colic when the filled gas comes out.

Another reason for colic is, when babies try to suck milk they swallow lot of air within. This too stores up gas from within. The nipple holes in the feeding bottles should be small exactly for the milks flow; otherwise you will be letting air within. Also do not allow your child to suck the empty bottle. This is the direct flow of air to their tummy.

Burping is also an major factor for colic. After every drink burping your child is a mandatory job. Carry them facing your shoulders and pat them slightly to their back, this will force them to burp. Burps force out the gas filled which reduces colic.

Sometimes mother's milk may also be an reason for baby colic. Suppose you drink or eat food with more of gas or citric contents, the milk produced too consist of the same which indirectly enters your baby through milk. So always breast feeding mothers should have an healthy diet.

There is nothing much to worry about colic pains as it is a common issue which has no severe effects. You need not rush to doctors for colic medication.  There is a simple home remedy to for reducing and avoiding baby colic.

Here goes the colic homemade remedy from ajwain or carom seeds, a common spice.

Half spoon ajwain
Half cup boiled water

Take a clean and sterilized vessel. Add water and ajwain to the vessel and boil it in low flame.

Home remedies for Baby Colic

Boil till the water reduces to half or till the water level comes down to 2 to 3 spoons.

Home remedies for Baby Colic

Allow this concentrated ajwain water to cool down. Filter out the ajwain seeds and collect the water in a clean glass.

Feed this water when your baby is colicky.

Home remedies for Baby Colic

Dosage:  For babies from 0 to 3 months, one spoon of ajwain water once in a day is sufficient. For above ages you can feed 2 to 3 spoons in a day.

Benefits of ajwain water for baby colic

It is a very good home medication for common baby colic. It not only reduces colic , it even avoids your baby getting colicky again. You can give this ajwain solution once in a week even when your baby is not colic as it is prevention towards colic.

As this is an homemade medicine  where who have no side effects. As your child grows more than a year , you can increase the quantity and number times of ajwain water.

My elders guided me this solution for my child. I have used it on my baby and I continue to this day.

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