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Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Radium Review & Swatches

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Have you seen the shade of Urban Decay Retrograde eyeliner? Watch here for the review & swatches. Retrograde eyeliner has become my favorite and the most worn eyeliner these days.

Now, here is the review of another waterproof eyeliner from the very famous Urban Decay. The shade is a beautiful blue and is named Radium.

Urban Decay 24-7 Waterproof eyeliner Radium

How did Urban Decay Radium Eyeliner reach me against my choice?

I was a little hesitant about the color. This is my first blue eyeliner. I wanted Perversion, which is glossy black eyeliner.

But my friend, who bought these products for me, did not budge with the black and chose blue instead. 

“You have worn black liner for so many years. Now begin with blue. Choose your shade, Radium or Siren? Attaching hand swatches and eye swatches of both the shades.”

10 Urban Decay Waterproof Shimmery Eyeliners Swatches

Urban Decay eyeliner Radium Eye swatch
 Urban Decay Waterproof Eyeliner Radium - Eye swatches

Urban Decay eyeliner Siren Eye swatch
Urban Decay Waterproof Eyeliner Siren - Eye Swatches

I knew I had no control over the situation. I have no access to Urban Decay products here in India. Sigh! No other go...”Ok. Buy Radium.”

So, Radium and Retrograde comes along.

Urban Decay Waterproof eyeliner Radium

My experience with Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Radium:

Texture wise the liner is great. You have to shake the tube well before using. Else you will have the least shimmers in the liner.

Urban Decay 24-7 liquid eyeliner Radium

The shimmers make the eyeliner more beautiful and it is well pigmented even with just one swipe.
It is waterproof and long lasting.

Urban Decay Radium liquid eyeliner

Girls who are comfortable with blue eyeliner will surely love this to the extreme. I am a beginner with blue and the color seems really radium like and little brighter for my personality.

I would have liked it if it was a blackened blue; like Retrograde which is a blackened violet.

Urban Decay eyeliner Radium hand swatch

Urban Decay eyeliner Radium swatch

Urban Decay Radium Liquid Eyeliner swatch

Apart from the conscious feel I get when I wear this liner, there is no other problem with the quality of the product.

Price: $19

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: Yes, these are quality eyeliner and a good buy for the price you pay.
Note: The eye swatches are not mine. I had to decide my blue shade referring the eye swatches my friend had mailed me.

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