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Maang Tikka Designs - Indian Hair Jewellery

Indian ladies have so lot of jewellery to be dressed up with.  Right from fore head to toes Women here, especially the brides have jewels to be worn and decorated themselves.  Out of which one is the Maang Tikka worn exactly on the midst of the forehead which extends up to middle of the head. 
Ladies even prefer wearing during festivals and traditional occasions.

indian bridal jewellery

Maang Tikka is a beautiful jewel and gives a very attractive look at the first sight. Lying on the middle of the hair partition it rests on the forehead.

This jewel can be worn along with any hair styles. You can tie a neat beaded plate parting your hair with equal proportion providing space for maang Tikka at the centre.  You can even open up hair lying to the back with the jewel on the midst of head. The jewel suits all Indian traditional costumes both silk and fancy sarees, salwar suits and the lehengas.
Collections of Maang Tikka of different designs can be shopped here.

The same can bought with real gold , diamonds, pearls or any precious stones in Jewelers like Kalyan Jewels or the Tanishq. 

Stone studded, beads, golden strapped, stone strapped, kundan, floral designs with droplets, pearls drops and many more designs of Maang Tikka are available. The brides will have different collections with heavy emerald stones or kundan drops.  No matter any jewels my choice is always the flimsy light weight jewels.  In case of Maang Tikka , I stay a bit far from heavy ones.  Being a south Indian silk sari is my traditional outfit and I feel light weighted Maang Tikkas suit the best.  Bead drops and the stone studs are my favourites.

Here are some of the beautiful bridal hair jewelleries.

Ruby Drops Maang Tikka:

An oval shaped ruby surrounded with white and green tiny stones. The chain too has the same combination. A pretty ruby drops lies exactly on the forehead.

Ruby Drops Maang Tikka: Indian Jewellery

Multi Color Stone Maang Tikka: 

A small red color stone resting on a golden circular plate with circled with tiny golden ray like design with small white stones at the ends.

Kundan Maang Tikka: Indian Jewellery

Diamond Maang Tikka:

This is the most simple and cute collective. This kind of simple designs suits when you are attending a function as a guest. Tiny white stone surrounded by much smaller white stones. It has stone droplets too and a plain golden chain.

Flimsy white stoned Maang Tikka: Indian Jewellery

 Red and Green Stone Studded Maang Tikka:

A small red gen stone with red and green tiny stone surroundings.

Kundan Maang Tikka: Indian Jewellery

Colourful stone studded Maang Tikka:

It is multicoloured with red, green and yellow stones. The strap too is in the same fashion.

colourful stone studded Maang Tikka: Indian Jewellery

Blue green  stone combined studded Maang Tikka

Thick strapped with both blue and green stones in zig zag fashion. An oval shaped blue heavy stone at the centre with smaller stones at the ends.

Blue green  stone combined studded Maang Tikka: Indian Jewellery

Red Stone or Ruby Maang Tikka Design:

Rubies are always a perfect type of jeweleries along with Indian traditional wear. A fully ruby studded maang tikka or a dark red stone maang tikka is also a good choice.

maang tikka hair jewellery

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