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10 Must See Attractions in Mysore

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Over the years, Mysore city has attracted visitors from all over the world. The city as a place is beautiful and a must see destination in one’s life time.

There is a feel of beauty in everything you find in Mysore.

Mahishasura Statue Chamundi Hill
Mahishasura Statue at Chamundi Hill

Top attractions in Mysore for visitors to see.

Chamundeshwari Temple 

Chamundeshwari Temple Mysore
Chamundeshwari Temple atop Chamundi Hill

Chamundeshwari Temple on top of the Chamundi hill is the jewel of the city of Mysore. The hill can be viewed from far off from the city.
The temple is dedicated to Goddess Chamundeshwari who is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Parvathi. She is the fierce form of Shakthi who killed the Demon Mahishasura. Hence also called as Mahishasura Mardini, the one who killed Mahishasura.

The temple has a beautiful tall gopura.

Nandi, Chamundi Hill

Nandi - Bull of Lord Shiva
Nandi, the colossal Bull

The giant image of Nandi, Lord Shiva’s Bull is located at the top of the Chamundi Hill. The posture of Nandi is in sitting position with left leg folded as though he is about to get up now.

The intricate carving on Nandi is not to be missed. There are sequences of bells and garlands around Nandi.

Amba Vilas - Mysore Palace

Amba Vila Mysore palace
Amba Vilas - Mysore Palace

The famous and glorified royal palace of Mysore is a must see in the whole of India tourism. The palace lighting is a wonderful sight which takes place on ever Sundays, other governemnet holidays and on special occasions.

Also the sound and light show of the palace is a must see for all tourists who are interested in the history of Mysore and the Royal family.

Brindavan Garden – KRS Dam

Brindavan Garden Mysore popular attraction
Brindavan Garden

The KRS Dam constructed across River Kaveri is a standing example of engineering of those days. The Dam is of great importance throughout the State.

The Brindavan garden below the dam is a beautiful place to relax in the evening. Also the lightings of the garden bushes and trees are worth catching. Later in the night, visitors can also enjoy the colourful lighting of water fountain.

KRS Backwater

KRS Backwater Mysore Tourist Attraction
Temple at the KRS Backwater Region

KRSC Backwater is not so familiar amongst the tourists visiting Mysore. But this is one of the beautiful and calm areas where one can spend as much time as they want. There is a huge temple on the adjacent land which is calm and quiet too.

Karanji Lake

Karanji Kere Children Park
Play Park at Karanji Kere

Karanji Lake, locally known as Karanji Kere is somewhere you can spend your entire day with lot of entertainment packed in one place. Go cycling with your partner or friends, go boating around the huge lake, and walk through the park spread across acres of land. There are garden areas for butterfly and various other beautiful birds.

There is a huge play area for kids. Most of the visitors with children are usually stuck at the play area and are left with very little time to explore other areas in Karanji Kere

Jaya Chamarajendra Zoo

Mysore Zoo Must See Place in Mysore
Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden in Mysore

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens popularly known as the Mysore Zoo is another main attraction for tourists. The Asiatic lions, tigers, chimpanzees, giraffes and many more species of animals are the attraction here.

Balamuri Falls

Balamuri Falls Mysore
Balamuri Falls

Balamuri is a popular picnic spot, especially the weekend mob. The beauty of this destination is due to river Kaveri flowing over a wide rock bed. A check dam runs across to hold back the water flow so that the irrigation canals are fed.

During rainy season, the check dam gets filled and water overflows creating attraction for all those want some water adventure. The scenery around is very beautiful and entire environment is very relaxing.

There are no water sports in the place and thus no life guards. So, play safe.
This spot is a popular backdrop for many movie songs.

Jagan Mohan Palace

Jagan Mohan Palace is an art gallery of the present time. It holds so many beautiful pieces of painting mostly associated with Mysore Kingdom and the Royal families that ruled the place.

The portraits of the royal family members, the paintings of the palace, the dasara durbar and the dasara processions show the great prosperity of the kingdom of those days.

The famous painting of ‘Glow of Hope’ is housed in this museum. There are few master piece paintings of the famous artist king Raja Ravi Verma.

Dasara Exhibition

Dasara Exhibition Mysore
Mysore Dasara Exhibition

Dasara Exhibition is a typical fair which goes live after the festival of Dasara. The echibition runs for several months from then on.

It is a typical Indian mela ground with variety of stalls like lonawala chikki, rajasthani arts and crafts, plastic items toys, wooden home decor stalls, cloths, pottery item stalls, and many more.
 There are various rides for kids and elders too.

More attractions are Sand Museum which is set up at a temporary ground open place, the paddy fields at the outskirts of Mysore, GRS Fantasy Park, Horse Race Club of Mysore, Mall of Mysore, Wax museum, Rail museum, Lalith Mahal (converted into a star hotel), Yoga Narasimha Temple,
Dodda Gadiyara (The big clock tower), and many more.

Race Course Mysore
Mysore Turf Club as viewed from Chamundi Hill

Have you been to Mysore?

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