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Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Tea

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Green Tea, made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. Known to be origin of China and India, it is now wide spread globally and is sipped as a beverage. Also the western countries that had black tea as a tradition is now replaced to green tea. The reason for consumption of green tea worldwide is the awareness of its health benefits. 

It is grown in varieties in many countries with the difference in growing conditions, horticulture, production processing and harvesting.

Green Tea

Almost all the teas, except for some herbal tea are prepared from the dried leaves of camellia sinensis differing in the levels of oxidation.  Green tea prepared from the un- oxidised leaves and undergone minimal processing contains anti oxidants and poly phenols making the tea health beneficial.

Here are few known amazing benefits of Green tea. 

Advantages of Green Tea 

Weight Loss: It is known that green tea increases rate of metabolism which burns calories reducing weight. The poly phenols in green tea increases fat oxidation levels burning fat in a faster rate.  It improves metabolic rate thus improving physical performance.

Type 2 Diabetes: Known to have lower risks of type 2 diabetes( where body is unable to use the insulin produced) for those who consume green tea.

Cancer:  Green tea being a source of antioxidants is observed to reduce the risks of various types cancers. The uncontrolled growth of cancerous cells due to the oxidative damage is protected by the antioxidants present in green tea.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s: The catechin compounds of green tea have protective effect of on neurons lowering the risks or delaying the neuro degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Dental Health: The catechins in green tea have dental caring benefits too. They kill and inhibit viruses causing infections, germs that cause tooth decay and cavities, dental caries and also bad breath thus improving dental health.

Heart Diseases: Green tea consumers have lower probability of cardiovascular diseases as green tea increases antioxidant capacity of the blood. It lowers the total cholesterol and the LDL cholesterol protecting the LDL particles from oxidation.

Skin care: Green tea is known to delay the signs of aging because of its antioxidant properties.

Brain Function: Green tea contains less caffeine and an amino acid Theanine which helps to improve brain functioning making you smarter. The amino acid found naturally in the tea leaves is also known to reduce depression.

Improve Health: Green tea has loads of bio active compounds which provide good health. It is known to be an anti bacterial and anti viral drink preventing infections and their spread.

Some facts of Green Tea:

  • An idea of adding milk to green tea reduces the benefits of antioxidants.
  • Adding sugar, honey or any sugar substitutes to green tea, lowers the benefits of weight loss from green tea. It is a natural tea so make a habit of sipping along with its original taste and flavor.
  • Some benefits of green tea are under controversy and still debate, so try to experience and make your research over its medicinal benefits.
  • A minimum of 2 cups of green tea a day is perfect to enjoy its health benefits.

Disadvantages of Green tea:

  • Green tea when over drunk (3 to 5 cups) is not safe and leads to health ailments. Its caffeine is less when compared to coffee but for frequent drinkers health issues like stomach upsets, diarrhea, insomnia and urinal problems may be faced.
  • It is not a good choice for pregnant and lactating women. At pregnancy it is known to increase risks of miscarriages and many labor problems and for breast feeding mothers, the caffeine passes to the infant through the breast milk which affects its health. The best is to skip or consult your physician for the minimum quantity.
  • Green tea should not be consumed on fasting as it leads to toxicity.
  • Over consumption of green tea causes iron deficiency where the tannins found in green tea block the absorption of iron. Also too much of green tea leads to flushing out of calcium in urine leading to calcium loss. Deficiency of calcium leads to osteoporosis.
Green tea drinkers, please do not tense about its negative effects. It is a known truth that anything taken overdose is harmful, the same links to green tea. Limit your usage and sip it as a beverage, it is good for health.

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