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5 Best Homemade Fruit Face Scrubs

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The terms “Fresh” and “purity” can be explained just be setting an example of fruits. Any season the fruits until plucked are fresh and juicy. Now how if your skin too resembling to the freshness of the fruits? We watch the advertisements and posters of beauty products with fruity flavours claiming to provide healthy soft skins.  Cannot guarantee the products but can really rely upon simple fruit treatments prepared at home.

Here are few fruit scrubs which can be prepared  in seconds of time. You can even go for these scrubs after wake up, before bed time, before attending any occasion or festivals. Pamper your skin these home made ideas which provide flawless lovable skin and can be used in all climates.

Strawberry Scrub:

Strawberry skin benefits

Grate or finely chop strawberry into pieces and dip them in milk. Now rub your face with milk dipped berries for 10 minutes. The scrub is a wonderful soothing mixture which delays ageing reducing the wrinkles. The salicylic acid in strawberries removes dead cells giving a radiant skin.

Sapodilla Scrub:

Sapodilla scrub

Squeeze the pulp of the sapodilla and discard the skin. The fruit itself has small granules with a scrubbing texture. Slowly scrub your face in circular motions and nose ends. Its vitamin E contents moisturizes skin, gives a natural skin texture and a healthy glowing skin.

Orange Scrub:

Skin Benefits of Orange and Orange peel

Squash half cup of orange juice, to this solution add a spoon full of orange peel powder. Stir them well forming a scrubbing mixture. Now rub your forehead, chin, nose ends and neck with the prepared orange scrub. It removes dirt, cleanses deeply and shrinks the pores resulting an radiant skin.

Banana Scrub:

banana scrub

Smash half banana using fingers or a stick, add a spoonful of sugar. Leave the mixture for 5 minutes sugar dissolves decreasing in its granule size, now rub this banana sugar scrub gently without harming your skin. Better to choose the ripe banana which makes the mashing easier. The scrub makes your skin refreshing and oil free.

Papaya Scrub:

homemade papaya face scrub

Smash  a small piece of papaya using a blender to form a pulp. Now add spoon full of oats and stir it along with the fruit pulp. Exfoliate your skin for about 15 minutes. Papaya  is an healthy fruit which removes dark spots, sun burns and blemishes naturally.

Have you tried these fruit scrubs?

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