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6 Must See Places in Bangalore Karnataka

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Bangalore also known as the city of gardens is a must see city at least once in lifetime.

A place with heavy traffic and heavy population has evolved as an employment hub in recent times. People from all over the globe flock here for various reasons like education, employment, entertainment, property investment, business, tourism, connecting destination; and lot more reasons.

If you are in Bangalore for a short holiday, then here is a short list of must see best places in Bangalore. These should top your list, although there are many other places which you can cover if time and energy permits.


Bannerghatta Botanical Garden Bangalore tourism

Bannerghatta National Park in Karnataka is one of the popular destinations for tourists. In 2002, a portion of the national park was transformed into biological reserve; now named as Bannerghatta Biological Park.

The biological park has the zoo, a butterfly garden, an animal rescue centre, snake house, safari park and even ancient temples.

Iskon Temple

Must See In bangalore ISKON Temple

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, popularly known as ISKON Temple; is a very huge complex in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka. Sri Radha Krishna is the worshipped deities here.

This huge and beautifully constructed temple premises is a major attraction for all visiting Bangalore. There are people who prefer visiting ISKON temple again and again.

Nandi Hills

Tippu's Drop Nandi Hills Bangalore
 Tippu's Drop Nandi Hills Bangalore

Nandi Hills is a beautiful destination to visit from Bangalore which is at a distance of about 60 km. It is also known as Nandi Betta or Nandi Durga. The place is scenic and very close to nature, thus a perfect trip away from busy Bangalore.

An very old historic Nandi Temple is found on the hill. The main attractions are Nandi Temple, Amrita Sarovara Lake, Sir Mark Cubbon’s Bunglaw and Tippu’s Drop

Lal Bagh


Lal Bagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore is a very popular botanical garden and is one of the largest with rare and unique species of flora. There are species of plants and trees imported from Persia, Afghanistan and France.

Lal Bagh was commissioned by Hyder Ali, and the completion was under the reign of his son Tippu Sultan. Lal Bagh is based on the designs of the Mughal Gradens.

Lal Bagh is famous for Kempegowda Tower, the Lal Bagh Rock, Glass House, the wooden structure specially for musical orchestra, the Lawn Clock.

In recent times; the annually held flower show has gained a lot of popularity for this botanical garden.

Cubbon Park

cubbon park must see place in bangalore

Cubbon Park is another major sight-seeing attraction of Bangalore. Richard Sankey, who laid the foundation of this park named this park in the honor of Sir Mark Cubbon who was Engineer Commissioner of the time.

The park is home to about 6000 species of flora. The rarest species are found here. The land of the park is symmetric in nature and is a pleasant place for morning walkers and joggers.

Photography lovers will have a great time with their camera here.

Wonder la

wonder la amusement park bangalore

Wonder La is a very famous amusement park in Bangalore. Located in the outskirts of Bangalore on Mysore-Bangalore road it is a place with full of entertainment.

The water rides and land rides are exciting not only for kids, but for adults of all ages.

A one day trip to Wonder La is worth enjoying to the maximum.

So, why don’t you plan a trip to Bangalore? There are many resorts, luxury lodges and bungalows to make your stay at Bangalore a pleasant one. The food here has a very different and unique taste in it. The restaurants are highly rated and provide quality food.

Have you been to Bangalore any time? How did you find the place?

On a final note, Bangalore is a place with mixture of all types of interests.

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