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Skin Benefits of Orange and Orange Peel

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Orange belonging to citrus family is wonder fresh fruit either eaten alone or even squeezed and processed as a fresh drink. Orange tree is commonly cultivated worldwide with tons of production yearly. Because of its refreshing nature it is also added as a flavouring ingredient in many market products like skin care products, bath products, packed foods, soft drinks and ice creams.
The fresh citrus fruit with bright colour of both peel and fruit has numerous health and skin benefits.

Skin Benefits of Orange and Orange peel

Health Benefits of Orange:

  • Eating orange at the start of your day regularly reduces the occurrence of headaches and nausea, especially in pregnancy.
  • Including oranges in diet helps in weight loss. The best way is to peel the fresh ripened fruits and place in a bowl; it gets emptied in few seconds without your notice.  This is how you can avoid your unhealthy snacks.
  • The citrus vitamin c helps to reduce respiratory problems and the common cold.
  • The fibrous fruit has zero fat and high nutrients (vitamin C, potassium and choline, anitoxidants) which offers good heart, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, risks of cancers, type 1 diabetes and improves digestion.
  • It is rich source of vitamin A providing better eye sight.
Skin Benefits of Orange:

Skin Benefits of Orange and Orange peel

Orange juice as a toner: Squeeze orange juice into a spray bottle. Spray it to your clean face and let them stay for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it away by splashing water. Vitamin c and antioxidants prevent the oily and dry skin making your skin healthy glowing.

Orange face pack: Mix orange juice with a spoon of rose water. Now add gram flour to maintain the non dripping consistency.  Apply it to your face and wash after drying. This is in fact an all purpose fruit pack which tightens up skin, shrinks pores, balances the skin moisturiser and whitens up your skin.

Orange for acne: This is very simple; mix orange and lemon juice together and dip them in cotton balls. Rub or massage your face with this water solution. The acidic content immediately shrinks acne pores, reduces acne size and vanishes them on regular application. The mixture even fades the acne scars and improves dull skin complexion. The solution might be burning or irritating to sensitive skin, in such cases add a spoon full of honey to provide cooling effect.

How to Prepare Orange Peel Powder:

  • Place orange peels in sun light till all the moisture is absorbed. 
  • Now crush them into powder with a blender. 
  • Store this powder in a air tight container.
  • you can even refrigerate for safer side.

Orange peel

orange peel powder

Skin Benefits of Orange Peel Powder:

We all know nothing nature’s production is a waste; Oranges are the true example for the statement. The orange peels are as beneficial as the fruit with almost same contents.  So do not crush the orange peels into the dustbins, instead enjoy its skin benefits.
Reduction of scars: Mix orange peel powder with milk or milk cream. Apply this face pack for skin freshness, reduction of dark spots, scars and pigmentation and smooth glowing skin.

Scrub:  You can even apply the above mixture as a face body scrub which is effective for healthy skin. While using as a scrub do not finely ground the peels, let the powder maintain slightly heavier granules to act as a scrubbing agent.

Anti aging: Mix the powder with turmeric to fight against ageing wrinkles and blemishes.

Acne treatment: Similar to the orange juice, mix the powder with lemon extracts and honey. This reduces acne, cleans the pores till the depth and brightens up skin.

Blackheads: Rubbing the mixture of powder and yogurt loosens the blackheads and acts as wonderful bleach.

There are many ways to prepare orange peel drinks which is known for its goodness of health like boiling peels in water or preparing peel powder. The only concern of oranges is the way of farming.

Oranges when cultivated are sprayed with pesticides which are layered over the peels. Wash them well and be cautioned when you use the fruit and the peels.

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