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9 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally

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Lips are those parts of your face which expresses your emotions and expressions.  Different forms of your lips show your facial expressions whether you are happy, caring, annoyed, tensed or angry.

Lips are originally told to be beautifully soft pink colored.  It is true for a new born and gradually tends to grow darker with age. Many are not lucky enough to have rosy lips.  

saffron dark lips home treatment

Getting rid of pigmented dark lips mainly in ladies simply remain to be a dream, that’s why ladies adore pretty pink lipsticks as an alternate. There are many reasons for dark lips like over usage of lipsticks, low quality lip colours, exposure to hot sun, stress, poor health, low blood circulation and dehydration of body.

A proper lip care and few effective natural tips can help you attain wonderful pink lips without losing a penny.

Natural home remedies to get rid of dark lips:

Exfoliate your lips with rose petals:

Lip Care from Roses

Dip rose petals in milk for an hour and crush them to a paste.  No matter if the rose petals are not completely crushed. Apply this rose milk paste to your lips and exfoliate gently. You can either scrub by your fingers or by a soft brush. This removes dirt, dead cells, massages lips and gives a rose pink colour to your lips.  Follow this thrice a week for good results.

Massage your lips with butter/ milk cream:

Massaging your lips few minutes daily at night time reduces cracked and chapped lips providing relaxation. Take half spoon butter or milk cream and massage your lips for 5 minutes. Butter heals the cracked lips, makes baby soft and lightens the dark pigment.

Moisturize your lips:

Lip balm as moisturiser

Never encourage dry chapped lips. Always use an UV protective mild lip moisturizer when you are outdoors. While on indoors apply any natural ingredient like oil (almond, coconut, olive), milk cream, butter, aloe gel to maintain the lip moisturizer.

Lemon and sugar:

Cut a small slice of lemon and sprinkle sugar to it. Rub the slice to your lips. You can even rub the skin of lemon left behind after usage along with sugar. This acts as bleach reducing dark lips, a natural cleanser and helps retaining back to the normal pink color. Sugar as a scrubber helps to remove dead cells.

Honey and sugar:

Mix honey and sugar and massage your lips. Leave it for 10 minutes and wipe it off. Honey is an excellent hydration and provides a shine to your lips. Exfoliating honey sugar mixture daily leaves soft lightly tinted lips.

Saffron and milk:

saffron dark lips home treatment

Dip saffron/kesar in a spoon of milk for an hour. You can find the saffron has released its entire golden colour making the milk turn orange. Massage your lips with this kesar milk for 10 minutes and rinse it away. This leaves behind pink soft lips making them attractive.  

Aloe gel:

ALoe Gel for lip care

The sticky watery aloe gel when rubbed to your lips heals dryness and cuts and lightens the tone of lips. The aloe gel is effective in giving an even colour to your lips.

Pomegranate seeds:

lip care treatment pomegranate

Crush pomegranate seeds with milk and apply to your lips. Follow it regularly, you will find the brightening of your lips gradually. This is a best remedy for pale dull lips. Milk however used while crushing moisturizes lips.

Beetroot and carrot juice:

Grate beetroot and carrot; blend them to a fresh juice. Apply this juice to your lips. This gives an attractive shade to lips on regular usage. Also the fresh vegetables with high nutrient values improve lips health.

Tips for getting rid of dark lips:

  • Quit smoking as it will burn your lips and body too. Inserting tobacco makes your lips brown and black making you look aged than you are.
  • Drinking lots of caffeine is a major factor resulting dark lips.
  • Hydration of your body is directly proportional for the hydration of your skin, hair and lips. Having enough water exhibits health and beauty. Dry lips are also the signs of dehydration of body.
  • Do not peel your lips. Most of them have the habit of tearing down the chapped lips which usually gets wounded and bleeds. This makes your lips brown and requires lot of time to gain the natural colour.
  • Minimize the usage of lip cosmetics. Chemical ingredients included in the cosmetics make your lips dull and dark. Do not make an option of low quality lipsticks or glosses which will sometimes make your lip permanently dark.
  • Do not sleep without removing your lipstick. Sleep with your clean free lips or any natural moisturizer.
  • Do not lick your lips, it makes you feel hydrated for a minute but it actually makes your lips dry and dull.
  • Massaging and exfoliating lips are important agents for lip care.
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