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Soap & Glory Endless Glove Moisture Mask & Hand Cream Review

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Among the wonderful range of Soap and Glory skin care products, Endless Glove is one more. Although the soap and glory hand food is a wonderful hand cream, this is another hand cream from the brand. Absolutely no doubts with the products effectiveness as the hand food are a super moisturiser.


There is something adorable in their packaging. Although the product comes in a simple flip capped tube, it attracts you to put it in your wish list. The short sturdy pink coloured tube can be dumped into your purse without the fear of leakage.


The buttery cream which is pale yellowish is an intensive moisturiser. It has excellent hydration property and spreads a cooling sensation to your hands. Now the winter is up and this is an incredible hand cream for dry skin. The cream looks to be heavy and thick at the sight, but it’s actually not. When rubbed to your hands they are so light and non sticky making your hands smooth and moisturised. They do not sweat your hands and hence you have no fear of finger prints when you touch the screen of your smart phone. 


The cream contains of Eight oil aqua wrap, Vitafade – BC , macadamia and grape seed oils, pomegranate and shea butters. It claims to creates a deeply protective moisture barrier on the skin and works for 12 hours after you apply it. It's a dry skin moisturiser for even the flakiest feelers leaving them smooth, luscious & velvety soft.

It is true the softness or the velvety lasts for long until you water your palms. Now about the fragrance which soap and glory is famous for, it has a refreshing scent lingers for quite long which you will love smelling your hands. 


For extra flaky parched skin, its efficiency may be lower as it is not a heavy cream. But otherwise it has no complaints for normal dry skin especially for the winter care.

Rubbing and massaging your hands like the normal hand creams is one way of using this product. The either way is to apply on your palms and cover a cotton glove overnight as a moisture mask. Here again you have no fear of sweating at the morning. You will find your hands super soft at the morning. I usually skip the usage of glove, as I feel irritated with the gloves when I sleep. I found rubbing the cream before my day starts and ends as an excellent repair for my skin.

Investing on these products is a brilliant idea and worth it. Hope the soap and glory releases their products in India sooner.

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