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10 Things to Avoid While Pregnant

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It is a common behavior from your family and surroundings to show extra care while you are pregnant. They will present you a list of “don’ts” in every action of your routine.  Whether it is a myth or true fact we nod our heads to elder’s advice. But apart from it there are few serious issues in our diet and surroundings which are strict no for a pregnant lady.

Hair coloring during pregnancy:

The studies and the animal testing have proved the hair coloring agents to be harmful during pregnancy only on high doses.  The amount of coloring agent required for a woman is very minimal which has negligible or no risks over the fetus development. 

But for safer side it is better to reduce the number of times of coloring your hair during the pregnancy cycle may be 3 or 4 times. Try to avoid the contact with the scalp as it absorbs chemical compounds. Apply the product for a minimum amount of time and wash out sooner. Use a glove to avoid direct skin contact with the chemicals. Make sure you are working in an open ventilated room to avoid inhaling their smell.

Homemade Natural Burgundy Hair Colour

The best alternative is vegetable hair dyes or the natural henna. Here again look into the ingredients in the vegetable hair dye as some contain chemicals. Henna powder or the home made henna pack is the best hair coloring option.

Spa Massages:

Pregnancy is a period where you will be experiencing body aches, anxiety, depression headaches and many more making your life tiresome. Massaging your body will provide relief from the pains, release stress and also improves the labor outcome.
But be very careful in choosing a massage therapist. Do not visit any parlors or salons for massaging; a trained certified therapist as recommended by your doctor is fine. The body position and the sensitive pressure points should be taken care while massage. Any triggering of the uterine pressure points results in labor risks.


Residing near to a chemical factory or working on it is very harmful for the growing fetus.  The exposure to these chemical radiations and inhaling the chemical toxic while pregnancy affects the development of organs.  Apart from chemical radiations, radiations from lap tops, smart phones, WiFi networks and other electronic items which exhibit low grade radiations throughout the day is hazardous too.  Make a rule of using them only at your work place. The mobile radiations increase suicide tendency and hyperactivity in fetus.

X-rays to the area around abdomen also has radiation risks.

Alcohol and smoking:

Drinking alcohol or any forms of alcohol (beer, wine) is a strict “No” during pregnancy. It is known to result permanent defects in the child like mental retardation, physical disability and many deficiency syndromes.
Forget the point of smoking during pregnancy; you should not even be a passive smoker too.  The second hand smokes are hazardous with slightly lower percentile than direct smoking. But you should avoid the company of a smoker or visiting the smoking zone. Tobacco consumption in pregnancy has health risks in both mother and child. It results in premature birth, abortions, low weight fetus, insufficient oxygen supply to fetus.

Standing on feet 24*7:

As long as you are walking, standing on your feet has no risks. It only makes you tired. But standing for long hours is not a safe activity. This situation has to be faced for working women in teaching profession or the cashiers. Standing for long hours slows the fetal growth. It also lowers the blood pressure which may end in fainting and has risks of varicose veins.


Pets are a very good company where you have lot of fun with them. But at the same time they are dangerous too. The fur of your pet dog or cat causes infections which causes serious respiratory issues during pregnancy. There are chances of getting suffocated when inhaled in excess. Also cleaning the pet waste and their faeces transmits diseases which may lead to miscarriages.

Lead exposure:

Exposure to lead, especially in the paints or while scrapping the wall is bad during pregnancy. Lead when inhaled causes infections to the mother which is transmitted to the fetus. So pregnancy is not a good time for shifting your house or renovating.
Not only paints, any toxic house hold cleaning agents may also contain lead.

Bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners, pesticides:

These cleaning agents are composed of high chemical compounds as they are designed for cleaning and killing the germs.  The exposure to these chemicals has high risks over the fetal development. Inhaling the chemicals for longer time results in mental and physical damages in the growing fetus.

Home Appliances:

Microwave ovens which exhibit radiant heat have risks to growing fetus. Have complete check for any leakage and rust in the oven or any appliances you use. Minimize the use by seeking help from family and also stay away when on use. Iron box which passes electric current is also a caution for pregnant women.

Unbalanced diet:


Have balanced freshly prepared home cooked food regularly. Let your diet contain nutrient food than the oily stuffs. Hydrate yourself to cool down the body temperature. If you are a non vegetarian make sure the meat and eggs you consume are hygiene and bacteria free. Non hygienic meat food carries lot of bacteria causing infections and diseases.

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