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Curatio Tedibar Baby Soap Review

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After a long period of 2 years my baby suddenly experienced skin rashes over thighs and legs. I made no changes in his diapers and clothing. In fact since he is more than 24 months now, I have even reduced the usage of diapers and wipes except while travelling. Really unknown to me, may be due to some climatic conditions or any rough clothing rashes might have appeared.

I tried baby oils and cream which showed no good results lastly my pediatrician recommended the tedibar baby soap by Curatio.

Curatio Tedibar Baby Soap


Curatio Tedibar Baby Soap

Price:  Rs 110 for 75 g

Curatio Tedibar Baby Soap

Package: The soap is square shaped and fits perfectly in your baby’s fist. It is light pink in colour and wrapped in a plastic cover within the hard paper box.

Curatio Tedibar Baby Soap

 Along with the soap there is a soap tray in which it is recommended to be kept after using.

Nature:   The soap is buttery and foams well with little water. One or two sliding is sufficient for the entire baby wash.  But I felt the requirement of more quantity of water to wash out, it may also depend on the hardness of water.

More than cleansing your baby’s body it is an excellent germ fighter. It helps your baby’s skin free from infections and rashes.  The rashes near the thighs and legs reduced within a week and now there is no sign of it.  Also in some kids you can find difference in the colour complexion in the body like fair over the face and dark in thighs. Tedibar soap helps to gain this complexion problem too.

Curatio Tedibar Baby Soap

The only drawback here is the soap melts in a faster rate and forms a mould. Resting the soap in the tray provided is compulsory to stay dry.  You can even wipe it once in a tissue for more drying.
The price is heavier when compared to other baby soaps, but should be neglected looking down to its efficiency.  

Fragrance: Mild floral fragrance.

Pros of Curatio Tedibar Baby Soap:
  • Medicated baby soap
  • Works effectively on baby rashes
  • Foams well with water.
  • Available in all drug houses and online stores.
Cons of Curatio Tedibar Baby Soap:
  • Melts at a faster rate.
  • Soap should be compulsory stayed dried.
Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: Recommended to all baby skin rashes (cheeks, thighs, hands, legs).

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