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Homemade Oatmeal and Honey Face Mask for Glowing Skin

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Facial masks are beneficial to remove impurities from skin and dead epidermal cells.

Oatmeal face mask is good for all skin types. It smooth-ens skin bringing long lasting glow to the skin. It is suitable for use as a cleanser, scrub and also face pack.

beauty benefits of oats

  • Oats (plain white oats)
  • Yougurt
  • Honey

These 3 ingredients are naturally occurring hence has to be used fresh when made.

Since there are no preservative/parabens involved, they are not harmful on the skin. But they cannot be stored for later use. Use it fresh and discard the remaining mixture if any.

Benefits of oatmeal for skin

Oats is an excellent ingredient for skin care. It absorbs odour, treats acnes, soothes skin irritation, most importantly it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which cools down dryness and itchiness. Hence oatmeal facial pack is best enjoyed especially during winter.

It is one of the best exfoliating agents for skin as it removes dead cells easily from the top layer.

best benefits of oatmeal

Use unsweetened, unflavoured oat meal for skin care. They are natural and hence make a soap-free chemical-free skin cleanser too. Sensitive skin people can expect perfect skin caring from oatmeal.

Benefits of Yogurt for skin

Yogurt is another powerful natural ingredient for skin care. There are components that keep your skin glowing for long. Yogurt also has healing properties and is highly moisturizing on the skin. The acidic nature in yogurt is extremely skin-friendly and helps reduce skin pigmentation too. Thus yogurt is a must use ingredient for skin care.

Benefits of Honey for skin

Honey is another promising natural ingredient which is best suited for all skin types. It helps to get clear and glowing skin. Honey reduces and also delays the occurrence of fine lines and thus helps look much younger than the actual age. This wonder product is found in most of the skin care products.

How to prepare homemade oatmeal skin care:

Take plain oats and powder them.
In a bowl, add some fresh yogurt, powdered oats and honey
Mix well and allow the mixture to set well for a while.

homemade oats honey facepack

Now your homemade oatmeal face and body massage is ready for use.

How to use homemade oatmeal skin care:

Use as Face Pack: Apply on face evenly, slightly massage with finger tips and allow it to dry. Once dried, wash with water. Enjoy the glowing skin.

Use as Body Massage: For the whole body too, massage on skin before bath. Concentrate on neck and under arms. After massaging thoroughly, wait for about 5 minutes before bathing.

homemade oats facial mask

Enjoy the glowing skin.

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