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10 Best Udupi Recipes

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One more post relating to the cooking style of Udupi. Udupi being a small heritage town of Karnataka has its own variety and style in cooking. It is true that every region around the globe has its own way of cook, but the speciality of udupi cuisine is for its purity and healthy recipes.

The cuisine lingers of the seasoned mustards and tangy sweet aroma.  All though all the recipes are peculiar and tasty, here are few prominent food origins of Udupi.

 Masala Dosa:

Masal Dosa South India Recipe

The crispy thin dosa along with coconut chutney and mashed potato bhaji is the common breakfast prepared in all houses in this district. The normal urad dal and rice grinded batter, and poured over hot pan very lightly so that the dosa becomes crisp. These hot dosas are also served in every corner hotels of Udupi and also “Udupi Hotels” throughout the country.

Idli Vada:

Idli Vada

This is one more breakfast served with a combination of vada. Vada can be skipped if sounded oily, idli alone with chutney or sambar is healthy breakfast.

The originality of the kheer vermicelli or even the modern noodles may be linked from this rice vermicelli as it was originated before the modern noodles birth. Rice vermicelli prepared from pressing the rice balls requires quite lot of experience in cooking. But the taste and fun in playing with these noodles while eating is unbelievable. 

The rice milk pie cooked from the thickened sweetened milk and fried basmati rice is one the rich dessert prepared in all occasions and festivals. The pie garnished with cashews and saffron will not stop you from licking your fingers.

Pure vegetarian cuisine where Colocasia leaves (Kesu) is blended with spices, steamed and then shallow fried. These are commonly grown in coastal areas and called as Elephant ear plants. Some are grown as weeds which itches your throat when cooked and some are hybrid; choose hybrid leaves to avoid throat itching. The combination of spices, jaggerry and the batter consistency requires lot of patience and expertise. You may take hours to prepare, but just few minutes to empty them.

The tangy sweetened sambar with along with coconut and spices blended masala has a unique taste.



Mouth watering ash gourd dessert, called as kushmanda in the local language. Ash gourd or white pumpkin is grated and cooked with sugar and ghee. It is wonderful dessert and easy to cook. But as the pumpkin leaves lot of water, it takes quite long time to get cooked.

Mangalor Bajji Recipe+south indian snacks

This is my favourite evening snack, in fact favourite snack of every one in Udupi and Mangalore. The round maida balls soft from within and crisp from outside. The recipe is just a matter of preparing maida batter with sour curd and deep frying in the round shapes.

Jack fruit idli+indian food recipes

The authentic recipe of sweetened idlis prepared from jackfruits belongs to udupi. The jackfruits are peeled and formed into batter with rice or sooji and coconut grates, steam cooked by rolling within the teak wood leaves. The leaves provide a wonderful aroma. Sometimes if the teak wood leaves are unavailable, banana leaf can be used for rolling.  The sweetened idlis or cakes served with a spoonful of ghee will be your kid’s favourite.

Bread fruits are grown mostly in south of Karnataka. In the season they are prepared into dosas in a peculiar way. Slices of bread fruit dipped into the spicy batter and placed on the hot pan. The batter is then filled in the gaps of the slices. The dosa is spicy and sweetened with a crisp of breadfruit beneath.

The recipes do not end here; everything cooked in this coastal area has an authenticated taste. I have only listed few which are most unique and traditional.

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