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Easy Rasmali Recipe (30 Minutes Recipe For Beginners)

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When you hear the very word Bengal, those soft spongy sweets are the first thing that flashes in every one’s mind.

The spongy-ness and the ability to melt like butter in the mouth is the special feature of Bengali sweets.

This is a special post where in a typical South-Indian attempts to make the special Bengali Sweet Rasmalai. 

Indian Sweet Recipe Rasmalai

Rasmalai Indian Dessert

The first attempt of the recipe seems to be a proud moment and here we share the simple procedure which can be easily followed by a beginner.

Ingredients needed:

Milk about 1 L to 1.5 L
Cardamom powder
Almond flakes/powder
Saffron Strands
1 lemon.

Easy and Simple Rasmalai Recipe (How to Prepare Rasmalai in Just 30 Minutes)

How to make thick flavoured milk:

First of all make flavored milk to dip the cottage-cheese balls.

For this, take about 1 L of milk and heat. Once boiled, simmer the flame and allow it to boil further. 
Keep stirring frequently. When you feel that the milk has thickened sufficiently switch off the flame.

Easy Rasmalai Recipe11

Optionally, you may also reduce the milk to half the original quantity. You will get great aroma of the thickened milk.

To the hot thick milk, add saffron strands, almond pieces, cardamom powder and sugar. Close a lid and keep aside.

How to make cottage cheese balls:

Add milk to a thick pan and heat. Once the milk boils, switch off the flame and stir for a while.
Allow it to cool.

Now, add lemon juice little by little. You will see that the milk will get curdled and the milk solids get separated. 

Easy Rasmalai Recipe1

Easy Rasmalai Recipe2

Now strain everything on a clean white cloth so as to separate the milk solids.

Easy Rasmalai Recipe3

Lift up the cloth and squeeze until there is no watery whey among the milk solids.

Easy Rasmalai Recipe4

If needed, wash the milk solids in clean water and squeeze again.
The fresh homemade cottage cheese is ready. This is the base for many Bengali sweets. Rosgolla (as they say), Rasmalai, Champakali, all have this soft melting milk solid base.

Easy Rasmalai Recipe5

Now, knead the homemade cottage cheese. No lump should be present. Knead well and make it into a lump free dough like mould.

Easy Rasmalai Recipe6

Take small parts and make tiny balls. (The shape is your preference, elongated, flat, long, circular, any). Keep aside for a while.

Easy Rasmalai Recipe7

Now in a wide open vessel, add one cup sugar and 2 cups of water and heat. When there are tiny bubbles forming in the sugar water which indicates the sugar is about to boil, drop the cottage cheese balls that you have kept aside.

Easy Rasmalai Recipe8

Close with a lid, simmer the flame and allow boiling for about 8 to 10 minutes.
The cottage cheese balls will double in size. It will get spongy and extremely soft.

Easy Rasmalai Recipe9

Remove balls from boiling sugar water and squeeze off the excess water. 

Easy Rasmalai Recipe10

Now add these soft balls in the thickened-flavoured milk. 

Easy Rasmalai Recipe12

Allow it to be soaked for long hours. It is better if you allow it to soak overnight. 

Bengali Sweet Rasmalai Recipe

Refrigerate. Serve cool Rasmalai which will melt away easily in mouth.

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