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7 Easy Homemade Natural Scrubs

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Scrubbing your face is nothing but adding up your beauty. The exfoliation process removes dead cells, sun tans, softens skin and gives a healthy shine to your face.  That too with a bit more patience if you offer natural homemade scrubs for your skin then you are sure welcome your soft lovable skin sooner.

Scrubbing Tips:

Yes, its true scrubbing your skin is a great medication for your skin. The ultimate result of a face scrub is a healthy complexioned skin. But harsh scrubbing may reverse the skin. Here are few simple tips for scrubbing your face.

·         Always scrub your face with upward or circular motion which tightens up your skin and prevent ageing.

·         Do not over exfoliate. Twice or thrice is perfect for healthy skin. Also carry the scrubbing process slowly and mildly for one or two minutes.

·         Scrubbing agents either natural or market products should always be tiny granules and soft. Sharp heavy granules harm and tear your skin forming rashes.

·         If you are using a scrubbing brush make sure the brush is soft and hygiene. Also when you use a loofah keep them separate for body and face.

·         The exfoliating gloves and the bath brushes are good scrubbing agents.

Almond face scrub:

Almond skin and hair care

Crush almonds into small pieces by blending or by grating almonds. Mix these pieces of almonds along with two spoons of almond oil. Massage all over your face and neck in upward and circular motion. Vitamin E oil in almonds makes your skin soft, young and glowing.

Coconut oil face scrub:

For two spoons of coconut oil mix the coconut grates. Rub this to your face, neck and elbows. This is excellent for dry skin which removes all dead cells easily moisturizing greatly.

Lemon, honey and sugar face scrub:

Squeeze half lemon, half spoon honey and a pinch of powdered granules. Avoid heavy sugar granules as they will harm your skin. This easy homemade scrub is a best remedy for removing dead cells and gives an instant glow to your skin. Lemon bleaches skin and honey gives a great hydration.

Banana sugar face scrub:

Banana Sugar Face scrub

Smash banana with powdered sugar. Banana is a best moisturizer hydrating skin greatly. It is good for removing winter dryness and itchy flakes.

Turmeric milk scrub:

Turmeric skin benefits

Mix half spoon of turmeric with one spoon of cold milk. Gently massage your face and neck with this scrub. The scrub is a wonderful medication for skin which reduces acne, black heads, sun tan and cools down itchy dry skin. If you feel awkward to walk out with the golden colour of turmeric left behind, better to apply before bed time.

Oatmeal scrub:

Oatmeal scrub

Mix oatmeal with yogurt and rub this mixture before shower. Oatmeal is an excellent exfoliating agent opening up pores and yogurt bleaches your skin.

Aloe lemon scrub:

Aloe Gel as a Facial Cleanser

Scoop aloe gel freshly and squeeze lemon juice to the gel. Add a pinch of table salt to the mixture. Rub this mixture to your skin, chin and ends of your nose. Aloe is a gentle cleanser and helps to even the skin tone while lemon brighten up skin reducing acne and scars.  Salt helps to exfoliate skin, but it is abrasive so do not use too much. You can either shift to brown sugar in case of salt irritation.

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