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Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden Body Scrub Review

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Soap and Glory and Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden have been one of my favourite skin care brands these days. They have fantastic skin and bath products with attractive packing, mind blooming scent and guaranteed skin effectiveness.

Here goes the review on Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden Body Scrub which is a tender product resulting feathery soft skin.





My experience with Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden Body Scrub:

Package: A sleek fibrous transparent tube which reflects the product from within.  The tube is non messy and you can include it in your shower kit even on travel.


Nature: The product is such an addiction that you will avoid the shower with its absence. A soft and gentle scrub which exfoliates skin amazingly. The scrub is light orange peel coloured with watery consistency. The product is claimed to use as a daily scrub. Its claims are true as they contain tiny micro tipped granules. These granules are harmless and can be rubbed on your skin on daily shower. Right from the first wash it makes your skin soft and rejuvenating.  It foams lightly but is efficient, rinsing too is easy. Two or three drops is sufficient for the entire scrubbing shower.

Ingredients like Patchouli Oil, Orange Essential Oil and Pumice wipes away the dryness making your skin glow and moisturised.  I loved the divine refreshing smell which lingers on skin for long. It feels as though your skin has a floral scent.


The product directs it to be a body scrub and warns not to use on face; I am so much tempted to use this wonderful product to my face but I am scared to go against their warning message. I follow their directions and avoid the scrubbing over my face as every product has its own property. But I feel it should not make any difference with face application as it is a mild product. So delicate the product is which certainly can be used daily. I doubt its effectiveness on very dry skin because of its mildness.


Pros of Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden Body Scrub:
  • Mild product with tiny scrubbing granules.
  • Makes skin smooth and tender.
  • Does not make your skin dry
  • Can be use daily shower.
Cons of Sanctuary Spa Convent Garden Body Scrub:
  • May not be efficient on very dry skin.
Rating:  4.5/5

Recommendation: The product is highly recommended to all ladies as you will find the difference in your skin greatly. 

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