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5 The Body Shop Lip Liners Swatches

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There are a collection of shades in the range of The Body Shop Lip Liners

The colors of the lip-liners look natural on the lips. They prevent bleeding of the lipstick. The texture does not look drying.

The Body Shop lipliner swatch

The Body Shop lip-liner

So, overall, TBS Lip-Liners are definitely a good purchase to pair along with the lipsticks.

Here are 5 TBS Lip-Liners colors and their swatches

The Body Shop lip-liner swatches
 (L to R) - Mauve Berry, Nude, Clover Pink, Beech & Mahogany

Mauve Berry – a neutral berry pink color which looks natural on lips
Nude – The swatch of Nude is barely there on the skin. It makes a perfect neutral base color and can be used to mix with other lipstick colors to alter the color.
Clover Pink – A neutral pink with hints of brown in it makes it a everyday usable lip pencil
Beech – Beech is a perfect natural color with slightly bending towards brownish shade. There is some mixture of orange too, but brown is a little more prominent in the color.
Mahogany – is a good color to swipes on pigmented lips. Since it is brownish red, it easily hides even the darkest pigmentation on the lips.

The Body Shop lip-liner shades

Most color in the range of TBS lip-liners are natural looking on lips and go well most of the lipstick colors.

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