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Curatio Atogla Baby Cream Review

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The effects and skin results of the curatio Tedibar baby soap impressed me so much and tempt me to try other baby care products of the brand. Now as for the winter dryness, this is the best time to try curatio atogla baby cream which is claimed to be a moisturising cream. As I have no worries with the quality of curatio products, I choose the atogla baby cream for my baby’s skin.

Curatio Atogola Baby Cream

Price and quantity:

Rs 249 for 100g, but has offers if you shop online here.

Curatio Atogola Baby Cream

Package:  It comes in a pink fibrous tube with a screw round cap. It has a quite wide mouth for the creams outlet. Do not let the tube go in your child’s hands. Your baby will squeeze and play along oozing out heavy amounts of cream. I have this experience when my son pressed and made a complete mess of this creamJ.

Curatio Atogola Baby Cream

Curatio Atogola Baby Cream

Also the outer surface of the tube has a baby cartoon picture which your child will enjoy watching.

Nature:   Thick white coloured heavy cream with soft to touch. Small amounts are sufficient to massage all over your child’s body. I usually apply the cream after my baby’s shower to whole of his body and face. However mild your baby’s soap be it will wipe some amounts of moisturiser from the skin along with sweat, so after shower is the best time for baby cream application.

The heavy cream feels greasy at the beginning but is an amazing moisturiser.  Baby skin feels hydrated and shiny removing all fine lines and cuts. The surprising part about this cream is I never remember the days where I have reused on my son’s skin.  Just one application after shower and till the dusk his skin is soft and wet.

Curatio Atogola Baby Cream

The cream never overcame with skin irritations and troubles, and moreover you can find this cream recommended by the paediatrics. I also felt the ingredients have skin nutrients which help in tackling minor skin allergies and redness. In fact curatio has other rash creams and lotions which might work well on skin problems.  The brand claims the creams application even for new born, better start after consultation.

Fragrance:  It has mild long lasting fragrance.

Pros of Curatio Atogla cream:

  • Wonderful moisturiser.
  • Works well for baby skin dryness.
  • Hygiene tube
  • Travel friendly.
  • Worth every penny.
  • Available online and all drug stores.
Cons of Curatio Atogla cream:

Nothing on the cons part, expect for feeling greasy at the beginning. But it is really and should be neglected.

Rating: 4.8/5

Recommendation: A wonder cream for your baby dry skin.

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