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Original Source Spearmint Shower - Hair and Body Review

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A shower gel is a fun bottle to use. I prefer using shower gels with refreshing fragrance.

Today we have a bright blue looking mint shower gel from Original Source.

Original Source Spearmint Shower

Many of these shower gel variants are found online at Amazon and Flipkart. They are priced at Rs.225 for 250 ml bottle.

Package: The bottle is a little triangular in shape with a flip cap. The bottle shows the quantity of the shower gel that is within. 

Original Source Shower Spearmint

Nature: It is a bright blue shower gel with thick to thin, in between consistency. It is a gel type bath product,

Fragrance: This shower gel has a strong mint smell. It feels extremely fresh and powerful fragrance.

Original Source Shower Spearmint gel

Lather:  Lathering is also very good and rinsing also easily.

Color: It looks bright blue in the bottle. 

A fun incident that happened when this shower gel was in use;
My niece had visited us. When my hubby came out of his bath, she turned around at him and asked
"you took bath using colgate paste?". Ha ha ha ha ha.

Original Source Spearmint Shower review

Original Source Spearmint Shower ingredients

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: Although it is a men’s shower gel, I don’t see why I should not be using it. I am extremely tempted with its fragrance. Hence, though not regularly, I treat myself with this mint shower gel.

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