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Watermelon Pepper Juice - Recipe for Summer Sipping

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Watermelon as we all know is a tasty bright colour fruit of the tropical region. This juicy sweet tasting melon is a natural thirst quencher with loads of health benefits.

The varieties of watermelon recipes are absolutely delicious and refreshing for this summer. 

Watermelon Pepper Juice Summer drink

Today we share with you one of the easiest watermelon drink recipe. Add 2 ice cubes to your glass, sit back, relax and sip. That is the way to cool your dreamy summer days.

  • One cup freshly cut cubes of watermelon
  • Half spoon of black pepper
  • Sugar according to your personal taste.
  • A generous pinch of salt (optional)

Watermelon Juice recipe

Watermelon Pepper Recipe- How to Make Watermelon Juice Recipe:
  • Blend watermelon pieces, sugar and black pepper in a blending jar.
  • Pour onto a glass and add ice cubes.
  • Sprinkle a small pinch of table salt. You may also add crushed mint leaves.
This juice is a great coolant and an amazing summer sipping.

Watermelon Juice for summer

Along with watermelon you can always go for the best of the combinations you would like. Squeeze a freshly cut lemon, or blend 2 long slices of cucumber along, or maybe even add a couple of spoonful concentrated kokum syrup. 

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