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11 Best Veg Rice Recipes

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Rice is one of the favorite Indian staples, especially in south of India. Rice varieties are such that you can adopt them as breakfast, lunch and supper from it. Here are list of veg rice recipes with a combination of rice, vegetables, fruits, lentils and yogurt.


Famous in south of India, especially in Karnataka this recipe is filled with dal and vegetable goodness. A mixture of sweet, sourness and spicy serving to be a complete lunch.

South India Nimbe Rice+easy recipes+rice cooking

This is also from Karnataka most common in the city of Bangalore. You will find this recipe in every Tiffin box and restaurants of the city. Just a blending of cooked rice with spices, turmeric, seasoning items and a squeeze of fresh lime. This is an instant food and a time saver.

easy rice recipe paneer corn

Sorry this is not for those who are on diet. Come one food lovers, you will not stop eating this J. Cottage cheese and sweet corn mixing with rice and spices is so yummy and rich.


One more non diet food, coconut rice is a heavy lunch where the rice is cooked with coconut milk. The recipe is sweetened because of coconut milk and you will be full with just a bowl full of rice.

Spinach Rice/ Palak Rice: A healthy Lunch Box

Spinach leaves with horde some nutrient and energy and a must for a growing child. Easy frying of spinach leaves along with spices and salt, then a swirl with cooked rice gives you a healthy food. This is also an easy lunch box.

vegetable fried rice chinese recipe

Fried Rice, an common Indian rice recipe. It involves tossing of the fried vegetables and cooked rice along with soya sauce and spices.

curd rice

Is there anything that cools your stomach other than yogurt? Ah fresh yogurt along with pomegranate seeds stirred along with hot rice always makes your tummy happy. The curd rice recipe is perfect for dinner when you had a heavy spicy lunch.

Dill Leaves Bhath + South Indian Sambar

One more leafy rice item, Dill leaves (Suva) is an aromatic leaf with health benefits. To the lemon rice you prepare, just fry the chopped dill leaves which adds a complete different flavour.

Vegetable Pulav with Raitha+recipe for vegetable pulav

The traditional pulav is familiar to everyone. But this is my own innovation; just add a chat masala along with pulav/garam powder. The taste is so different and tempting and I am sure no one hates the flavour of Indian chat.

healthy rice recipes

Sweet corns are those yellow seeds which make the dish interesting to eat. Mixture of capsicum and corn with rice, there is nothing great in the recipe but a change of dishes when you are bored of preparing/eating the same dish.  You can combine any vegetable with sweet corns.

rice for dinner

One more yogurt rice recipe, instead of pomegranate seeds include red grapes.  Your kid will love the red grapes in the midst of the rice J.

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