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6 Beaches In and Around Udupi

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Beach holidays are a perfect treat during any time of the year. Especially during summer it the beach people long for. Exploring the sandy shores, blue waters and cloudless sunny sky are the best secrets of the relaxing beach break.

Udupi offers great holidays at several of the beaches in and around and their scenic surroundings are a perfect holiday gift for beach lovers.

Here is a list of 7 of the beautiful beaches in and around Udupi.  A devotee visiting Udupi Sri Krishna Matha should definitely visit the warm pristine water of the beaches here.

Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach is about 8 km from the centre part of the Udupi town. Malpe is a beach town and an important fishing hub and port of Karnataka coast. There are few of the great beach resorts which provide high class amenities and services with beautiful view of the beach to its credit.

The frothy waves here are the ones which welcome everybody and make sure they return again. This is one of the crowded beaches in Udupi.

St. Mary’s Island

St Mary's Island Malpe Beach

St.Mary’s Island is a collection of tiny islands lying off the coast of Malpe in Udupi. This island is also known as Coconut island and Thonsepar.

A short bout ride from Malpe beach will take you to this beautiful island. The rock formation on this island is the major attraction and an important subject of study.

Kaup Beach

Kaup Beach Karnataka

Kaup Beach in the small town of Kaup (about 15 Km from Udupi) is another major attraction for all those who visit Udupi and city of Mangalore. Locally Kaup is called as‘Kapu’. 

A fully functional light house stands tall in the shores of the Kaup Beach. The light house is open for visitors during certain period of time at a very nominal fee. The view of the beach from atop the light house is stunning.


ottinene near kundapur

Ottinane is a picturesque place where one should definitely watch the sun going down. The overhanging cliffs and the local beach make Ottinane a must explore place.

To reach the beach, you have to walk a short distance down the steps between the woods. This place is not very popular among tourists hence boasts of natural beauty. The view of Souparnika River joining the Arabian sea is a spectacular one.

Maravanthe Beach


Maravanthe Beach is about 50 km north of Udupi. Since this beach is not commercialised, you will not find any tourists spoiling the white sand and the area.

Maravanthi Beach is a spectacular one; you would not have seen anything like this before. The National Highway separates the river and the beach

Padubidri Beach


The village of Padubidri is about 20 km from Udupi. 

Padubidri beach has not gained much popularity and thus it is not commercialised. The white sands are not polluted and the pristine beach water invites all silent lovers who want to spend time all alone.

This beach with long stretches of clean white sand is ideal for family picnics as it is least crowded.

Kodi bengre (Delta) Beach

kodi bengre beach

Delta Beach is locally called as Kodi Bengre. Locals are not aware of the name ‘Delta Beach’.
This is where the river meets the sea. The strip of land in between where on either side are the river and sea is great to stand on and view the joining of the two. The divine beauty of the nature is a must view when in Udupi. 

With many resorts lined up along the beach road, it is surely a place to spend watching sunset and sunrise.

Have you been to Udupi? Or are you planning for a beach holiday? Then surely Udupi will satisfy your quest for long beach holidays.

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