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Mushti Kadubu - Indian Rice Dumpling Recipe

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Mushti Kadubu; this word might seem out of the context of your dictionary. 

Mushti means one handful/fist, and Kadubu means steamed dumpling. So, together it means a steamed dumpling made out of one fist full of dough/ingredients and pressed together to take the desired form.

steamed dumpling breakfast recipe

Today let us talk about the recipe of a sweet Mushti Kadubu. This is a great recipe for festive occasion or even on ordinary days when you crave for a sweet breakfast.

  • 1 cup rice-rava
  • ½ cup jiggery
  • 1 cup grated coconut
  • Salt as per taste
  • 2 cup water.

Warm up the kadai and heat rice-rava for about 2-3 minutes. When sufficiently heated, transfer the rice-rava to a different plate/bowl and keep aside. 

To the kadai, add water, jaggery and salt and allow it to boil.

Once the jaggery is all melted, and water begins to boil, add grated coconut and stir well.

Little by little add the rava and stir well. Keep stirring under high flame until it becomes one big dumpling. Switch off the flame.

indian steamed dumpling recipe

Now, take a fist full of the dumpling from the kadai and make small balls.

indian breakfast steamed dumpling

Once all the balls have been made, cook it in a steamer for 15 minutes.

sweet dumpling recipe

Serve hot with fresh ghee and mango pickle syrup.

sweet steamed dumpling recipe

  • The more grated coconut you add, the more soft Mushti Kadubu becomes. The aroma too becomes great.
  • Making small balls is difficult as it is steaming hot. So, keep a bowl of water and keep dipping your hand in water.
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