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Methi Paratha Recipe

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Methi/Fenugreek is one of the best sources of folic acid which is very essential for the brain development. Easily available in our country in all seasons and also can be grown in the balcony pots. Methi alone tastes bitter and cannot be eaten but when cooked to methi pakoras or the methi dishes they are simply great to taste. These fresh leaves can be sauted and garnished to salads and dal which adds a leafy flavour.  Methi Paratha is one of the easy breakfasts and healthy choice too. These parathas do not require any side dishes also a good option for lunch boxes.

Methi Paratha Recipe


Bunch of fenugreek leaves
Wheat flour
Chilli powder
Garam masala powder
Salt to taste


Clean and chop handful of fenugreek leaves.

In a deep vessel pour wheat flour, one spoon chilli powder, and pinch of turmeric, half spoon garam masala powder, sugar and salt to taste. Stir them all so that all powders get mixed well with wheat flour.

Add chopped fenugreek/methi leaves and mix them well.  Pour hot water to the flour and knead the dough. Do not over flow the water; it should be perfect to form dough.  Let the consistency and the softness be similar to the chapatti/roti batter.

Add water or flour to make corrections in the dough.

Methi Paratha Recipe

Now form small balls and dip them over the wheat flour both sides. Roll them to an round shape to form parathas.

Methi Paratha Recipe

Now place the paratha in the hot pan/tawa in a low flame.  Add ghee and keep on flipping up and down to avoid burning.  This also helps the quicker cooking on both side of paratha.

Methi Paratha Recipe

Pour ghee on both sides, when the paratha cooks to golden brown then they are ready to be served.

Methi Paratha Recipe

You can serve the parathas with pickle or curd.

They can also be eaten alone and they remain soften even after long hours. 

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