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10 Secrets For Taking Perfect Selfie

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With the ever increase in smart phone features and the data speed there are lot of fun and entertainment users have with their mobile. Gone are those days when mobile used to be considered only for incoming and outgoing calls. A mobile is sold with lot of unique other features. And it is these competitive features that make any mobile’s unique selling point.

Taking selfies is the ongoing craze of the current generation of smart phone users. There is no satisfaction with just 1 or 2 selfie clicks. Selfie clickers have a tendency to click quite alot of photos. And then on, the decision in choosing the one out of many clicks to set it as a profile picture on the social media sites begins. Life seems so trapped in these silly things. Sigh!

how to take perfect selfie

Well, today we are here to discuss few tricks and key secrets to click that one perfect selfie.

Tilt Your Head

When you are clicking yourself, naturally you have a unique angle in which you are clicking. As an add-on, try tilting your head slightly and highlight your cheek bones. Do not go overboard. Calculate your angle carefully by trial and error method of clicking.

The Right Lighting

Lighting is an important factor for all photos. And selfies are no different. The perfect lighting and the angle involved in focussing brings a beautiful shine to your skin and hair.

Your Signature Pose

You know yourself better. Find the pose that shows you confident and happy. This will reflect in your selfie very easily.

Edit Your Photo

Nothing wrong in editing your photo. Try some of the coolest apps that allow photo editing and make your selfie more perfect. Try adding some filters which will take everything to the next level. But, make sure that editing should not alter the real you.

Hold Slightly Above Your Head

Holding the camera slightly above your head is one of the way you can make your look more artsy. It is a way of flaunting any new accessories you are wearing.

Have an Expression on Face

Smile can never go wrong for some expression on your face. Puckered lips duck face, tongue out, eye rolled up, twisted mouth; express all these at your own risk.

The Right Background

The back ground accounts a lot in any photograph. You have to absolutely make sure that your selfie timing and place is just fine for your actions of clicking. Your selfie clicking event should not annoy any one when outdoors.

If indoors, make sure you tidy up your surrounding before taking a selfie. Look for solid wall, or textured curtains or anything else without clutter and more importantly feels pleasing after you have clicked.

Still Arm

This is one major challenge when you are taking selfie. You are posing considering your angle, trying to catch up with the perfect lighting, and trying to still your wobbly arm. Clicking a non-wobbly picture is the greatest challenge of selfie which is ofcourse possible with cool mind and some practice.

The More the Better

Yes, it seems like a challenging your satisfaction level. But, that is the secret of the best profile picture selfie. You get to choose the best one out of loads of clicks you have taken.

Mirrors aren’t great in a selfie.

When you involve mirror in your selfie business, your picture might turn out to be distorted and also end with that strange glare.

Apart from all these, a selfie stick can make your selfie clicking far more easy. It is easy to stretch out to any angle you want and cover up as much as you want. There is a lot of flexibility involved when you use a selfie stick.

Enjoy selfie clicking and have fun.

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