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10 Best Gujarati Food – Must Taste Traditional Gujarati Cuisines

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Gujarat a predominantly vegetarian food state in India has so much to offer their guests. The different combinations of spices they use in their recipes make their food a truly exotic one.


Khandvi Gujarat cuisine

Khandvi is the pride of Gujarati cuisine. This savoury snack is yellowish tightly rolled pieces that is tempered with mustard seed and other spices.

The primary ingredients for Khandvi are mixture of gram flour (besan) and yogurt.


Dhokala Gujarathi snack

Dhokala the famous traditional snack of Gujarat in India is soft spongy and tastes great. It is made of fermented batter derived from chickpea splits or mixture of dals. Often it is served with fried chillies and coriander/mint chutney


fafada authentic gujarathi recipes

Fafada is another favourite street food in Gujarat. It is a common sight to see people lining up to pick their order of freshly made fafada at the food stall or the favourite food joints.

It is combined with fried masala chilli or flavourful chutney

Gujarati Khadi

Khadi is great recipe especially for summer season. The traditional Gujarathi Khadi has a great sweet and sour taste which makes it perfect to be served on hot steaming rice or even khichdi.

Khadi is made by beating sour curd and mixing some gram flour for thickness. It’s taste can be enhanced by adding tempered mustard seeds, hing, cumin seeds, chillies and curry leaves

Gujarati Samosa

gujarati vegetable samosa indian snack

Samosa is a popular snack all over India. Samosa commonly involves stuffing of mashed vegetables (mainly potato) masala. Gujarati regional taste is very unique where the samosa stuffing involves spices, raisins, cashew along with the vegetables.

Chota Samosa/Dry Samosa

dry samosa tea time snack

Samosa mean triangular deep fried snack which holds spicy stuffing within itself. Dry samosa is a similar mini samosa with stuffing of coarsely powdered spices, fennel and dry-fruits.


Thepala is famous and rightly associated with the state of Gujarat as the authentic taste of fenugreek leaves in the wheat flour originated the region.

This methi leaves and spices stuffed dry paratha melts easily in the mouth. It can be served with any curry, pickle, yogurt or just plain during tea time.


Khakhra is an excellent gujarati cuisine. It is a crispy crunchy flat bread tea time snack. It can be eaten as a chips with a flavory dip or topped with masala stuffs to make it taste like a masala papad. It is a great combination with masala tea.

Gujarati Chakli

chakli crisp snack gujarat india

Chakli is a great snack for between-meals hunger pangs. This circular disc shaped crispy snack is made using wheat flour, ginger and chilli paste especially in Gujarati style.

This is commonly prepared during festivals of Krishna Janmashthami and Deepawali.

Gujarati Dal Dish

meethi dal gujarathi rice dish

Gujarati cuisine has a staple dal dish for every day meal course along with rice or parathas. The traditional sweet and sour taste reflects the Gujarati culture.

This is an absolutely delicious and healthy dish prepared every day is all Gujarati house hold.

So, have you been to Gujarat? It looks like a visit to Gujarat just to taste all their traditional authentic cuisines is worth making it happen.

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