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10 Best Side Dishes for Roti/Chapati

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Staples like Chapati/ Roti do not have any changes or transformations in the recipe. But what about their side dishes? You need varieties of side dishes without repetition. Sometimes a "like" towards sweet, sometimes spicy and your wish to cook healthy. Here is a list of 10 such side dish recipes with different tastes and combinations.

cashew recipes Indian recipe

 With cashews as the base and cottage cheese (paneer) chops in it , this is a rich aromatic dish. You can even fill them with bread rolls. People under diet, I am really sorry to state that you are unlucky and mandatory skip this dish .

Banana pudding:

Banana Pudding Recipe

This is for the sweet lovers :). Fresh banana chopped and smashed along with coconut milk and jaggerry.

How to prepare Dal fry

Here goes the healthy diet. No fat, no calories just nutrient. An easy Indian lentil recipe which requires a short time span. The recipe involves just cooking of lentils and mixing them with salt and spices and a garnish of coriander leaves.

Fried Potato Dry

You simply cannot stop eating the fried potatoes. I bet you will love eating them alone than with the combination of your staple.


This one is an typical spicy side dish. Tossing of potatoes and capsicum with spices.

Paneer Kurma Recipe

Rich creamy dish with paneer dipped having a flavour of dry fruits and coconut.

basundi sweetened milk+dessert recipes easy

One more for the sweet lovers. Basundi being the oldest side dish of India prepared during every celebrations which is prepared from thickened sweet milk garnished with almonds and saffron.

Spinach & Green Gram Curry+indian recipe

Note down one more recipes for healthy diet. This dish containing spinach and green gram as main ingredients is a complete food for both elders and kids.

Channa Masala Recipe (without gravy/dry)

Dry recipe which requires no gravy. It is so simple and requires boiling of channa and tossing them with your favorite spices.

okra indian recipe

Side are often just sweet or spice. But this one is a mixture of taste, drops of sourness, sweet and spicy well combined with the vegetable. The watery form dish cooked with okra/ ladies finger softens roti/chapati does not making your throat dry.

Hope you liked the different taste and varieties of dishes.

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