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Paneer Kurma Recipe

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I feel blogging is really a great job. Cook or wear something for the first time it reminds me of my camera. Click click click J and upload the beautiful experience in your blog.  So here is one more new recipe which I tried this weekend. Although it is a known recipe but I have experimented just a day before. To my luck it came out so yummy and delicious that my family could not simply stop licking their fingers.  Read on for the simple recipe.

Paneer Kurma Recipe


Poppy seeds
Fennel seeds
One cup grated coconut
Green chilli 
Turmeric powder
Garam masala powder
Biryani powder (optional)
Salt to taste

For seasoning:

Cumin seeds
Sesame seeds
Curry leaves


Soak almonds and cashews for 2 hours.

Slice paneer and deep fry them. Keep aside for cooling.

Paneer Kurma Recipe

Take a deep pan and heat ghee in it. Once ghee is hot add cumin seeds, sesame seeds, cinnamon, curry leaves.

After the sesame starts to splitter add chopped tomato and fry them until it turns mushy.

Meanwhile in a mixer jar blend grated coconuts, poppy seeds, fennel seeds, soaked almonds and cashews, ginger and green chili. Let the blended mixture be a fine paste as rough particles in the side dishes does not add taste.

Pour down the blend to the pan and stir them continuously. Add garam masala, biryani powder (optional), turmeric, salt and sugar (optional). The quantity of adding green chili and garam masala depends on how spicy you love.

Paneer Kurma Recipe

Add the fried paneer to the boiling mixture and heat them all together for some time (5 minutes).
Add a spoon full of cream/butter. Switch off the flame.

Paneer kurma is ready to be served. Serve hot with roti/chapatti.

Paneer Kurma Recipe

This is a wonderful side dish for chapattis and the aroma fills the entire house. You will be shocked at the rate at which the cooked food gets emptied.  But yes, if you are diet conscious then you are really unlucky that you have skip this dish .  I always love the flavour of biryani powder and sprinkle it to all my cooks. You can skip it and add more of garam masala instead.

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