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Masala Bhel Recipe/ Spicy Puffed Rice – Easy Snack

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The great variety and uniqueness found in Indian cuisine is one of the matter which has to be proud off. Again the same food item is prepared in different ways region wise which is a complete different taste.

Three meals a day is a common worldwide livelihood but the snack time with a menu list sticks only to our country. One such snack time/fast food is the puffed rice/bhel. It is a street food in every part of our country prepared in many different styles and named differently. The famous local name in south of Karnataka (udupi and Mangalore) is charmuri being one of fast selling fast food. Dry bhel along with crispy items or the wet one with chutney’s, it is also served along with fried puris or papdis.

Masala Bhel Recipe/ Spicy Puffed Rice – Easy Snack

I know my readers are very familiar with the Indian bhel recipe, but my blog feels incomplete without its recipeJ. What do you say?


Two cups Puffed Rice
Coriander leaves
Raw Mango
Roasted pea nuts
Roasted chickpeas
Roasted cashews
Chilli powder
Sev (ordinary or masala)

For seasoning: urad dal, mustard seeds, cumin seeds , oil

Preparation time: 10 minutes


Boil a medium sized potato.

Finely chop tomatoes and coriander leaves, grate carrots, boiled potato and ginger. 2 spoons of grated raw mango is a mandatory ingredient without which the snack tastes quite boring. But since the mango season is yet to begin I had to skip itL. You can even go for dry mango powder in such cases.
In an small pan heat oil, add mustard seeds, urad dal and cumin seeds. Roast chickpeas, cashews and peanuts in the same pan after the mustard seeds start to splitter.

Masala Bhel Recipe/ Spicy Puffed Rice – Easy Snack

Take a deep vessel; add two spoons of coconut oil, salt, chilli powder and all the chopped and grated vegetables. Add the seasoned ingredients and stir them continuously till they blend well. Squeeze a lemon juice to join the taste of tanginess and mix them together.

To this spicy mixture add the puffed rice and swirl the whole mixture.

Masala Bhel Recipe/ Spicy Puffed Rice – Easy Snack

Serve immediately with a garnish of sev.

Masala Bhel Recipe/ Spicy Puffed Rice – Easy Snack

This the best time pass snack served to kids and adults with a hot cup of coffee. Remember you cannot wait for long once it is prepared as the puffed rice gets softened and loses its crispiness. The true fact is no one ever dreams of waiting once the masala bhel is preparedJ.

There is no restriction in the ingredients you use; it’s all about your favourite condiments. You can add chaat masala powder, any spicy chutney (mint leaves chutney), tamarind extracts, more or less of spice, finely chopped onions, sprouted green grams, crispy papdis and everything which makes your tongue happy.

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