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Mee Mee Toothpaste for Kids in Strawberry Flavour Review

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When babies are born, the shelf begins to get piled up with so many baby essentials. With every passing time, the essentials change and piling up of stuffs never decreases.

Baby hygiene products, baby bath products, baby grooming essentials, baby skin care products, baby clothes, baby winter essentials, baby oral care products, the list goes on. Only moms know that there can never be enough stock of these baby stuffs.

Mee Mee Toothpaste for Kids Strawberry

Here on, we review one such baby/kids oral care product.

This is a toothpaste for kids from the popular brand Mee Mee. Mee Mee Toothpaste for Kids in Strawberry Flavour seems like a pretty good product for toddlers and kids.

Mee Mee Toothpaste Flouride free

Mee Mee Kids Toothpaste Strawberry flavor
Mee Mee Strawberry Kids Toothpaste

If your baby has just begun to brush and has no practice of spitting out the paste foam, then do not use this product. In such a case, use Chicco Banana Toothpaste, which they say is suitable for babies of 6 months and above. Read review HERE

Mee Mee. Mee Mee Toothpaste for Kids suggests that it is toothpaste suitable for kids under the age of 6 and that too with parental guidance.

Mee Mee Toothpaste for Kids Strawberry

Package: Is just the perfect type for kids. All the animal graphics are cute and attractive. The way they are presented on the tube and outer cover keeps the kids fascinating.

Nature: Mild in creating foam with water. And a little touch of water is necessary to create foam out of it.

The flavor is not too strong. This is not gel toothpaste. Personal opinion is that kids might not like the gel toothpaste as it tastes way too much menthol or minty.

Mee Mee Toothpaste for Kids Strawberry review

Mee Mee Strawberry Toothpaste review

Price-wise, it is economical at a rate of just Rs.149 for 70 g.

It is easily available at kid’s store or online shopping portal.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommendation: Yes. For toddlers and kids this toothpaste is a good buy.

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